Why you need MetaTrader VPS for automated trading?


Many automated traders run their Expert Advisors and trading signal subscription on a regular personal computer. While successful trading can also be possible on home PCs, relying on such solutions comes with several drawbacks which may hinder the achievement of better results. To mitigate risks and to ensure the best performance, professional traders often turn to reliable specialized solutions for their robots. By doing so, they try to avoid certain dangers which can be imposed by trading from one's own hardware. Here are some of them:

Why you need MetaTrader VPS for automated trading

High latency

In the fast-paced world of trading, not just seconds influence the result. A second is an eternity during which things can change dramatically. Every thousandth of a second can make a significant difference. Home internet connection does not always provide stable and fast network access. If you add to this a remote geographic location, then you lose one of the main trading robot advantages – the lightning-fast response. Even the most robust and verified algorithms can perform worse due to network delays.

MetaTrader VPS ensures optimal access to brokers' servers, guaranteeing a delay of no more than 5 milliseconds to 80% of trading servers.

Weak hardware

Home computers may lack the processing power required for resource-intensive trading algorithms. This results in slower operation and subpar performance of your Expert Advisors. In addition, it is not always possible to allocate a separate machine solely for a robot. So, it has to share resources with browsers, instant messengers, and other applications.

On a MetaTrader 5 VPS server, you can use up to 16 GB of disk space, up to 3 GB of RAM, and several CPU physical cores without overselling. These resources are sufficient for the correct operation of any strategy.

Technical failures

Home computers are dependent on external factors like weather, utilities, and other circumstances. While we can prepare for power outages by, for example, purchasing a high-quality UPS which can extend your robot operation for at least a few hours, there are other problems which are hard to prevent. For example, what can we do if the motherboard burns out or if the hardware fails due to an unprecedented heat wave?

MetaTrader VPS hardware is hosted in advanced data centers ensuring exceptional reliability, robust redundancy measures, and high maintenance standards. On such servers, your strategies are shielded from extreme conditions, including heat waves, floods, and even hurricanes. We guarantee 99.99% uptime including scheduled maintenance.

Unreliable hosting

A virtual server does not always guarantee trouble-free operation. Even if you understand the risks and decide to move your strategies to a virtual machine, finding a trustworthy hosting company can be a challenging task. This is especially true for non-specialized technical solutions, such as popular shared hosting servers. The biggest difficulty is in setting up the trading environment and launching the platform on a virtual machine. Furthermore, some hosting providers fail to meet performance and uptime commitments, further complicating the search for reliable services.

MetaTrader VPS is a specialized solution created by MetaQuotes specifically for social and algorithmic trading. It is natively integrated into the trading platform and does not require additional settings or technical expertise: strategies can be migrated to the virtual server with a few mouse clicks. MetaTrader VPS is already used by tens of thousands of traders, so we have gathered sufficient feedback to offer optimal automated trading conditions. Test MetaTrader VPS and evaluate its benefits for yourself.

With the increasing number of brokers joining the Sponsored VPS program, we recommend checking the availability of this option with your broker before buying — you might be eligible for gaining access to MetaTrader VPS for free.