Rejection of Sell Orders &/08/23 !st on my android then on my pc where no other trades are open and have equity


Platform not executing trades to sell

the same for me.. I can not open trades from PC or even from Android .. I looked and the servers (seems) are working.. then I uninstall and reinstall in both devices but still it is impossible to open new trades

No trading at all.

Post some screenshots to see what you mean.
Eleni Anna Branou #:
Post some screenshots to see what you mean.
Now I can't take screenshots. It seems that you are unable to connect to the servers and even when it seems to have established a connection with each attempt to open a trade you see this error "rejected instant" with the consequent non-opening of the trade. later if I can send a screen

I checked the demo accounts of several brokers - not a problem at  all.

I have not tried the demo account from MetaQuotes-Demo because it is not intended for trading, and because if I switch to it so MT5 will be updated to a beta build (and I want to stay on a stable build for now).
it works now, after this massage "scanning network finished"!