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I have my indicators,some name ,maybe it is good for you.

But I have big problem with converse 3 indicators to mq5.I try many times but still error( I added screen ).Can someone help me with converting it , please?

I added this indicators here.Greetings .Greg

Sorry for my English.


This is an indicators to converse to mq5.


Here is screen with error after converted.

error.gif 299 kb

WPR histogram is here,sorry.


Hi every body

Can any body help me

I converted the file from mq4 to mq5 but it does not work because of errors, Please friends can u assist me to remove errors and make it work correct on mq5.

trend1.mq5 12 kb

please help me convert this indicator into mq5

thank you

pin_isb.mq4 4 kb

Almost a year later... and

Did you ran as soon as your are born, not isn't, same way MT 5 will out beat MT 4 over time, every thing need its own time and effort to get refined and mature.

It is almost a year later and MT5 still sucks and as I have predicted,

traders are still clinging to MT4 even US based firms and traders.

And even some US brokers still not doing FIFO accounting on

MT4 platform immediately as NFA and CFTC originally wanted.

They compromised as you can see FXDD and ATC being totally

and legally allowed to do FIFO in the backoffice. MT4 still being

updated and MetaQuotes forced to keep updating it because as

we can all see, the demand for MT4 is bigger than ever. So...

a year later... MT5 still struggling to gain acceptance... and it

still royally sucks. It freakin' sucks!!!

MT5 will only work and gain popularity if NFA and CFTC come

to their senses and through pressure from Congress, forced

to cancel their retarded FIFO and 1:50 rule. Then MetaQuotes

may be forced to reprogram MT5 to allow hedging. MT5 in its

inherent form is USELESS to offshore firms that still and will

always favor hedging and leverage of your choice. How can

MT5 beat MT4 when MT5 has the non-offset limitation built

into it in its current form? Some people just are incapable of

thinking. Do you have any clue just how many retail customers

US brokerage firms lost over just FIFO and 1:50? If MT5 becomes

the only platform in US, it is over for US firms. Institutional and hedge

fund mangers will then protest loud and strong. And people will stop

using MetaTrader altogether and go with other platforms that allow

offset positions to be opened. Only way MT5 can ever beat out

MT4 is if MT5 is reprogrammed to be compatible with MT4!

Traders will moan and whine to brokers and brokers will moan

and whine to MetaQuotes. Afterall, they are all in this to make money

as you can see them now SELLING MetaTrader now... so if the demand

for MT4 is way way high... and MT5 faltering, guess what? They may

scrap MT5. Just as NFA and CFTC miscalculated, MetaQuotes also

miscalculated. And if it becomes totally unprofitable to keep MT5, they

will trash it themselves. It is a matter of what is more profitable and MT4

is obvious way more profitable. Nobody is biting on MT5!

MT5 may gain usage in the core equity markets but it will not be useful

to most traders and most forex brokers around the world precisely due

to its inherent limitation that caters to NFA and CFTC and not to the

TRADERS!!!!!!! If they are smart, and they are, because now they are

selling MetaTrader... they will most likely reprogram MT5 to be

totally backwards compatible with MT4 in every way.


all of u keep converting the indi or ea or script...

but how can i convert my template because xxxx.tpl from mt4 cannot suit mt5 template



mq4 to mq5 converter

MQ4 to MQ5 Converter

MQ4 to MQ5 Converter - Explanation

If you want to rewrite your expert advisers from MQL4 programming language ( Metatrader 4) to MQL5 (Metatrader 5), our tool will greatly facilitate your task. Also, this tool can be a good assistant for companies specializing in expert advisors development for metatrader platform. Most expert advisors can be converted from mq5 to ex5 in fully automated mode without manual intervention.

In some cases, the conversion can not be made in full automatic mode, because MQ4 interpreter admits the ambiguity of interpretation (which may lead to unpredictable operating). The tool will show you the line that's just it could not convert and you should correct it manually. We will be happy to assist you.

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