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pSAR alert - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2010.01.21 16:39
2014.04.21 14:54
pSAR_alert.mq4 (2.66 KB)view

An expert advisor designed to alert you when every first parabolic SAR dot in a sequence appears. You must note that this expert advisor is not meant for opening or closing orders automatically but to just sound an alarm. Testing it with strategy tester will indicate no trades.

pSAR bug pSAR bug

An expert advisor designed to open and close orders at every first parabolic SAR signal i.e. when sequence shifts from below the price to above and vice.

MACD Alert ea MACD Alert ea

alerts the user if the macd is above 0.0006 on 5m or below -0.0006 on 5m

CasinoFX CasinoFX

EA based on the maximum and minimum price values of the previous trading day.

Combo Trader (Updated) Combo Trader (Updated)

This system use many methods to trade , you can trade about 52 different strategies,