Articles on manual and automated trading in MetaTrader 4


This category features articles on all aspects of trading - from manual to fully automatic trading, from Expert Advisor ideas to trading robot creation using the MQL5 Wizard. Position management, processing of trade events and money management - these integral parts of trading are covered in theses articles.

Learn how to copy trading signals and how to provide around-the-clock operation of Expert Advisors, how to create a trading robot and how to run MetaTrader on Linux and MacOS, what social trading is and how to order a trading robot.

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Angles in Trading. Further Study Required

In this article, we discuss the method of trading analysis by measuring angles in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The article provides a general plan of using angles for trend movement analysis, as well as

Working with currency baskets in the Forex market

The article describes how currency pairs can be divided into groups (baskets), as well as how to obtain data about their status (for example, overbought and oversold) using certain indicators and how

Portfolio trading in MetaTrader 4

The article reveals the portfolio trading principles and their application to Forex market. A few simple mathematical portfolio arrangement models are considered. The article contains examples of

Applying fuzzy logic in trading by means of MQL4

The article deals with examples of applying fuzzy set theory in trading by means of MQL4. The use of FuzzyNet library for MQL4 in the development of an indicator and an Expert Advisor is described as

Thomas DeMark's contribution to technical analysis

The article details TD points and TD lines discovered by Thomas DeMark. Their practical implementation is revealed. In addition to that, a process of writing three indicators and two Expert Advisors

Fuzzy logic to create manual trading strategies

This article suggests the ways of improving manual trading strategy by applying fuzzy set theory. As an example we have provided a step-by-step description of the strategy search and the selection of

Identifying Trade Setups by Support, Resistance and Price Action

This article shows how price action and the monitoring of support and resistance levels can be used for well-timed market entry. It discusses a trading system that effectively combines the two for the

How we developed the MetaTrader Signals service and Social Trading

We continue to enhance the Signals service, improve the mechanisms, add new functions and fix flaws. The MetaTrader Signals Service of 2012 and the current MetaTrader Signals Service are like two

Advanced Analysis of a Trading Account

The article deals with the automatic system for analyzing any trading account in MetaTrader 4 terminal. Technical aspects of a generated report and interpretation of the obtained results are

Simple Methods of Forecasting Directions of the Japanese Candlesticks

Knowing the direction of the price movement is sufficient for getting positive results from trading operations. Some information on the possible direction of the price can be obtained from the

Money Management Revisited

The article deals with some issues arising when traders apply various money management systems to Forex trading. Experimental data obtained from performing trading deals using different money

On Methods of Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting

The article demonstrates the capabilities and potential of a well-known mathematical method coupled with visual thinking and an "out of the box" market outlook. On the one hand, it serves to attract

Checking the Myth: The Whole Day Trading Depends on How the Asian Session Is Traded

In this article we will check the well-known statement that "The whole day trading depends on how the Asian session is traded"

On the Long Way to Be a Successful Trader - The Two Very First Steps

The main point of this article is to show a practical way to implement an effective MM. This can be achieved only by using a certain kind of strategies that we need to identify and describe first. In

Channels. Advanced Models. Wolfe Waves

The article describes rules of marking patterns of Wolfe Waves. You will find here details of constructing and rules of accurate marking, which help to find correct formations of waves quickly and

View of Technical Analysis in the Context of Automatic Control Systems (ACS), or "Reverse View"

The article demonstrates an alternative view of technical analysis, which is based on the principles of both the modern automatic control theory and technical analysis itself. It is an introductory

Individual Psychology of a Trader

A portrait of a trader's behavior on the financial market. Author's own menu from the book "Как играть и выигрывать на бирже" ("How to speculate on stock exchange and win") by A. Elder

Forecasting Financial Time-Series

Forecasting financial time-series is a required element of any investing activity. The concept of investing itself - put up money now to gain profits in future - is based on the concept of predicting


The article describes an algorithm of volume increase of a profit trade. Its implementation using MQL4 means is presented in the article

Market Diagnostics by Pulse

In the article, an attempt is made to visualize the intensity of specific markets and of their time segments, to detect their regularities and behavior patterns

Comfortable Scalping

The article describes the method of creating a tool for comfortable scalping. However, such an approach to trade opening can be applied in any trading

Comparative Analysis of 30 Indicators and Oscillators

The article describes an Expert Advisor that allows conducting the comparative analysis of 30 indicators and oscillators aiming at the formation of an effective package of indexes for trading

Metalanguage of Graphical Lines-Requests. Trading and Qualified Trading Learning

The article describes a simple, accessible language of graphical trading requests compatible with traditional technical analysis. The attached Gterminal is a half-automated Expert Advisor using in

Betting Modeling as Means of Developing "Market Intuition"

The article dwells on the notion of "market intuition" and ways of developing it. The method described in the article is based on the modeling of financial betting in the form of a simple game

Terminal Service Client. How to Make Pocket PC a Big Brother's Friend

The article describes the way of connecting to the remote PC with installed MT4 Client Terminal via a PDA

Trading Strategy Based on Pivot Points Analysis

Pivot Points (PP) analysis is one of the simplest and most effective strategies for high intraday volatility markets. It was used as early as in the precomputer times, when traders working at stocks

Automated Choice of Brokerage Company for an Efficient Operation of Expert Advisors

It is not a secret that for an efficient operation of Expert Advisors we need to find a suitable brokerage company. This article describes a system approach to this search. You will get acquainted

Problems of Technical Analysis Revisited

At present, technical analysis along with the fundamental one is the most important method to analyze stock market. Being one of the predicting methods of stock market pricing dynamics, the technical

Principles of Time Transformation in Intraday Trading

This article contains the concept of operation time that allows to receive more even price flow. It also contains the code of the changed moving average with an allowance for this time transformation

Mathematics in Trading: How to Estimate Trade Results

We all are aware of that "No profit obtained in the past will guarantee any success in future". However, it is still very actual to be able to estimate trading systems. This article deals with some

What is Martingale and Is It Reasonable to Use It?

This article contains a detailed description of the Martingale system, as well as precise mathematical calculations, necessary for answering the question: "Is it reasonable to use Martingale?"

Price Forecasting Using Neural Networks

Many traders speak about neural networks, but what they are and what they really can is known to few people. This article sheds some light on the world of artificial intelligence. It describes, how to

Sound Alerts in Indicators

How to create "voice" indicators for daily usage

Expert System 'Commentator'. Practical Use of Embedded Indicators in an MQL4 Program

The article describes the use of technical indicators in programming on MQL4

Poll: Traders’ Estimate of the Mobile Terminal

Unfortunately, there are no clear projections available at this moment about the future of the mobile trading. However, there are a lot of speculations surrounding this matter. In our attempt to

What Is a Martingale?

A short description of various illusions that come up when people trade using martingale betting strategies or misuse spiking and the like approaches

Graphic Expert Advisor: AutoGraf

The article shows the workability of graphics in creation of a convenient interface to manage trading

Trading Tactics on Forex

The article will help a beginning trader to develop trading tactics on FOREX

Orders Management - It's Simple

The article deals with various ways of how to control open positions and pending orders. It is devoted to simplifying of writing Expert Advisors

Ten Basic Errors of a Newcomer in Trading

There are ten basic errors of a newcomer intrading: trading at market opening, undue hurry in taking profit, adding of lots in a losing position, closing positions starting with the best one, revenge