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Nebula start editon for MT4

This Expert Advisor is based on two moving averages. The EA implements a self-training mode allowing it to immediately start trading. However, it is also possible to conduct a preliminary EA training for more efficient trading. By default, the EA is configured to work on EURUSD H1.

The robot is based on the modified probabilistic neural network. Initially, the neural network does not contain neurons. In this mode, the EA only learns. No trading is performed. In the course of the EA's work, it learns, and neurons responsible for one of the two classes (buy or sell) start forming in the neural network.

As soon as there is at least one neuron, the EA can trade.


  • Target type - type of the target level:
    • Points - in points.
    • Money - in money.
  • TargetProfit, TargetLoss, TrailingStop - set stop loss, take profit and trailing stop levels in points. Applied to the symbol as a whole.
  • VolumeLot - trade lot volume.
  • Slippage - slippage in points.
  • Pause after trades, msec - pause after a trade in milliseconds.
  • Number of trade attempt - number of attempts to enter the market.
  • Indicator type - indicator type:
    • Moving_Average - moving average;
    • Adaptive_Moving_Average - adaptive moving average.
  • Indicator first period - first moving average period.
  • Indicator second period - second moving average period.
  • Neuron activation level - neurons activation level. This is the minimum value of the network output, which affects the decision making. The recommended value is at least 0.95.
  • Neural network signal duration, bars - neural network signal duration in bars.
  • Neural network renewal period, days - neural network update period in days.
  • Enable load neural network - load neural network data from the file.
  • Prefix file name - set the file name for storing the neural network data. The file is created in the terminal's common folder in the Files\NNS directory.
  • Enable Info panel - show the info panel displaying data on a neural network and trading levels.
  • Expert Magic number - unique identifier of the EA.
  • Order comment - order comment.

Preliminary training algorithm and the EA settings

  1. Set the zero value of the Target profit, Target loss and Trailing Stop parameters. Set Enable info panel - no. Set the file name in Prefix file name.

    Set the Indicator first period and Indicator second period parameters from 1 to 100 or higher. Set the 'Neural network signal duration, bars' parameter value from 0 to 10 or more.

    Select the testing and optimization periods, for example, the year of 2016 – for optimization period and 2017 – for the testing one. Launch optimization on the year of 2016.

  2. Once optimization is complete, select the appropriate results. When selecting results, adhere to the following recommendations: Indicator first period should be less than Indicator second period. Set other parameters at your discretion.

    Run a single EA test with selected parameters on the period of 2016. If the results are suitable, check the EA on the test period of 2017.

  3. Run a single test on the test period of 2017. If you are satisfied with the test results, then it is time to use the EA in trading. Set the Target profit level, Target loss level and Trailing stop level parameters at your discretion.

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2017.11.10 02:15 

Very interesting results with proper optimization of indicators (easy to do) and sound training of the neurons, huge potential so I'll begin to forward test. Lot of improvement since the beginning.

Michael Beek
Michael Beek 2017.09.21 18:08 

Hello Everyone, I've been using the EA now for 5 weeks on 3 different real life accounts with EURUSD 1H. I do not understand how that thing works but it's great. I hope that the EA will be able to make what he promised in the long run.

Jaldip Ramani
Jaldip Ramani 2017.09.03 13:22 

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Diego Arroyo
Diego Arroyo 2017.08.28 18:33 

Good. thanks :-)

Jesús Torres
Jesús Torres 2017.08.25 19:39 

A very complex EA if you use it from a VPS and optimize it on your computer, but in the forum they tell you how to do it.

The results are very good, I have compared it with other neural network EEs and Nebula makes better input and output, risking less than other EA. Summarizing does his work very well.

It can work on any currency pair as long as you optimize it to learn.

The EA has some small shortcomings that the programmer says he will incorporate shortly.

I recommend it, it is impressionable to see how EA works

Evgenii Bazenko
Evgenii Bazenko 2017.08.23 18:56 

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aaa6132968 2017.08.21 17:38 


Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2017.08.20 22:23 

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Gennadiy Voltornist
Gennadiy Voltornist 2017.08.20 13:18 

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Ronfx00 2017.08.07 09:30 

Nice work from Vladimir.

Appreciate the work.

Thank you.


Frank Leighton
Frank Leighton 2017.08.04 18:35 

Having configured this EA and if these test results I have got from the beginning of the year (125% growth) are correct then this is a blistering EA. Well done Vladimir. 5 stars so far.

Aleh71 2017.08.04 15:15 

Поставил бы ещё пять звёзд. Рекомендую.

Разработчику спасибо и дальнейших успехов!

Version 3.32 2017.11.20
1. Added ability to select one of the two indicators: Moving Average or Adaptive Moving Average
(Indicator Type parameter).
2. Improved the EA performance.
Version 3.31 2017.10.25
The changes improve trading efficiency.
1. Simple moving averages are replaced by adaptive ones. This improves the quality of the neural network signals.
2. The neural network is calculated when a new bar is formed. Removed the "Neural network calc time, minutes" parameter.
3. Implemented the concept of the neural network signal duration in bars ("Neural network signal duration, bars". The neural network signal is considered confirmed if its duration is not less than the set value of the number of bars in this parameter.
4. Implemented the neural network update, in days ("Neural network renewal period, days"). All neurons having an age exceeding the parameter value are removed from the neural network.
Version 3.16 2017.08.31
1. Added the "Expert Magic number" parameter.
2. Added the "Order comment" parameter. The comment format for the order - string formed from the parameter "Order comment" + "Expert Magic Number".
3. Added the "Target type" parameter. The "Target profit level", "Target loss level" and "Trailing stop level" levels can be set in points or in money.
4. Fixed minor bugs.