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Retro Trader

This expert trades on price action. It does not use signals from indicators but creates a statistics-based custom channel for entry and exit of trades. Due to independence of indicators, the expert can be optimized for several currency pairs and trading times. Each trade position is protected by stop-loss, both hidden and visible.

No martingale, hedging or grid.

The expert uses 3 different strategies within the same channel for entry and exit. Each opens only 1 trade at a time.

Please find a signal for this expert here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ugur-edin/seller

SL = stop loss, TP = take profit, DD = drawdown, MM = money management

  • Channel_Setting = "Channel Setting"
  • channel bars to analyze - amount of candles analyzed for opening
  • channel Middle - multiplier from channel middle
  • 1st channel tunnel - multiplier 1st tunnel
  • 2nd channel tunnel - multiplier 2nd tunnel
  • 3nd channel tunnel - multiplier 3rd tunnel
  • Open difference from Middle of channel - Open difference from channel middle
  • Close difference from Middle of channel - Close difference from channel middle
  • Strategy_1 = "Strategy 1 input"
  • UseStrategy_1 - use strategy
  • MAGICMA1 - custom magic number
  • Lots - use lot size if MM is disabled
  • UseMM - use MM
  • MaximumRisk - Max risk if MM is enabled
  • MaximumLotSize - Max LotSize
  • ClosingPrice_S1 - exit trade if price touches long channel
  • StopLossInPoint - predefined SL
  • Hidden StopLoss - hidden SL
  • Allowed Spread at StopLoss - allowed spread at hidden SL
  • Use dynamic takeProfit - use dynamic TP (set on open based on long channel)
  • Classic TakeProfit in Point - TP in points (if 0, does not use TP)
  • Custom Comment - custom comment
  • StartTradeHour - start trading
  • StartTradeMinute - start trading
  • EndTradeHour - end trading
  • EndTradeMinute - end trading
  • Input parameters for Strategy 2 & Strategy 3 are same as Strategy 1. Only trade entry levels are different and can be set to another exit strategy to maximize profit
  • General_Setting = "General Setting"
  • DST_offset - broker is on Daylight Savings Time
  • Use Newsfilter – Enable for news filter
  • Length of the Prefix your provider uses – your provider’s prefix length
  • NewsSuspendTradingHoursBeforeScore - prevents trades x hours before news
  • NewsSuspendTradingHoursAfterScore – prevents trades x hours after news
  • Use swap-filter - If enabled, expert prevents trades shortly before minus swap of set amount
  • Swap Rollover Hour of your broker - Hour (in GMT)
  • In Minutes Swap Check to Prevent trading - swap checking timespan
  • Max minus swap allowed - Max allowed swap cost per lot. (Put positive number)
  • Trade On Sunday – Enable for Sundays trading
  • GMTOffsetForTesting - GMT offset - backtesting only
  • remoteDisableFunctionality - If true, trading is suspended when signal is suspended
  • News source - don't change - http://forex-navigator.com/ffcal_week_this.xml
  • Switch off source - don't change - http://forex-navigator.com/Retro_switch_off.txt
  • Receive notifications - phone-notifications for various activities
  • Drawdown warning at percent - Warning at %
  • Drawdown warning every N seconds – Warnings are send N seconds after 1st message
  • Use correlation bounce - Correlated pairs are not traded simultaneously
  • Correlations - Correlation values for pairs
  • Use drawdown emergency close – Enable to let expert close all open trades when reaching DD
  • Use advanced drawdown calculation - DD is calculated with spread-costs. Otherwise, base DD is used
  • Drawdown cut losses at percent - % of DD when all trades are auto-closed
  • Prevent new trades for min - After closing all trades on DD, trading will be suspended for N minutes
Alwina Rotfus
Alwina Rotfus 2017.08.24 20:43 

Nach dem Update ist die EA eine der besten auf dem Markt und der Support spitze. Weiter so Jungs!

Andrew Black
Andrew Black 2017.08.16 12:29 

I really like this EA. The latest version is a big improvement with safety features and corrolation checks. This EA definitely has a good system, and now the security is improved it is performing very well. As always, the support from Ugur and Kai is fantastic. My live account performs the same as the authors signal.

Wei Song
Wei Song 2017.08.13 09:33 

Tobias 2017.08.02 00:46 

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Yaotang Liu
Yaotang Liu 2017.07.25 04:00 

Very good scalper.

It can get profit with good broker and VPS.

Ugur and his team also looking after it for you, the remote disable feature is a miracle.

Reis Maria Andrea da Silva Kobayashi
Reis Maria Andrea da Silva Kobayashi 2017.06.02 18:09 

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Istvan Horvath
Istvan Horvath 2017.05.31 07:28   

Big DD :(

Chihteng Lin
Chihteng Lin 2017.05.31 02:53 

Used for three days ....

Profit 8USD

Loss of 258USD

WTF !!!!!!!! ??????????????????????

Real account .... SAD

pwret 2017.05.31 01:01 

testing, will update to 5 stars if all correct.

Update: Same as author signal

Second Update: 31/05/2017 so much losses today, without reason, improve this expert

Tang Ou
Tang Ou 2017.05.26 01:01 

26th May:

I combine Retro EA together with this EA and got 4.7% growth today. All trades closed within one hour.

I set Retro MM risk = 0.2 while NightTrader risk = 10.

Highly recommended.

25th May

Excellent product. I set it up in a real live account. It is profitable and closes all trades quick and smartly (some trades are in small loss). Very safe. I am with IC Markets and trades are better than the trades in the signal. I use scalpeclosing is on option. Will increase the lot size slowly.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2017.05.22 20:15 

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l0e0u0n0g 2017.05.18 04:42 


Marcus Kalipke
Marcus Kalipke 2017.05.11 20:35 

This is a Amazing Expert from Ugur. Again, i use together long Time from Ugur his Nighttrader and have very very good Experiense with this.My Account grwoth every week. And the Best, Retrotrader use a Scalpingclose-Mode, this give me every week stable constantly profit with less risk.

Ugur help me every time, On Day, on Night, every time i can Ugur write and he help me.

Very good Developer. Good People. I give 20 Stars for this!!!

norrbaggen 2017.05.11 19:17 

Another great EA from this nice guy. Stable profit=)

I run RetroTrader with scalping closing, and its amazing

alisa-selina 2017.04.22 23:40 

I am again the first, who give the Review for ugurs Robot. Robot has initial difficulties but after new update of Retro with sclaping closing, I am very satisfied in 4 weeks I have made 15% profit. 7 currencys very good risk Diversifikation. Great as he constantly improves his products and cares for his Signals first class seller.

Version 1.3 2017.07.12
OnScreen Infos
You can immediately see if WebRequests works and what the current draw down situation from this expert is.

If you have notifications enabled you will get a message for the following events: failed Webrequests for News/Remote Disable, Change of Remote Disable Status, if enabled DrawDown reached, DrawDown-Emergency-Close-Error

If you have open trades in a currency pair that is highly correlated with another pair we will not open trades in the other pair. So if one trade goes south it does not take the whole account with it. Of course uncorrelated pairs will still be traded.

Maximum DrawDown
You can define a maximum draw down you are willing to accept. If this limit is reached, the expert will close all open trades instantly.
Version 1.2 2017.05.11
- Added options to turn off trading on SundayNight
- Added Newsfilter
- to turn off the news filter.
- Added the ability to remotely disable and enable an expert
- Also added a swap filter, which prevents the opening of transactions shortly before the occurrence of negative swaps.
Version 1.1 2017.04.06
- A new trade closing system is introduced. The new system closes trades with smaller gains or smaller losses before reaching take profit or stop loss if it detects that the market moves unfavorably.
- DST-offset calculation was not working as intended and has now been fixed.