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This EA has been developed from the STOCH and RSI ALERT indicator ( https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/32916 ). Please click the link to get a free download. It is a good tool many like to use it. Hence, with this EA, users will be able to put their strategy for automation. 


Magic No: EA unique trade number.

Trade Comment: custom order comment.

Use Auto Lot: set to true -to use auto lot size.

Auto Lot Size Percent(%): percent from balance to calculate money to risk for a trade.

Fixed Lot Size :if auto lot set to false. EA uses this value to for lot size.

Lot Multiplier:increase lot size by multiplier for subsequent orders.

Take Profit(pips): value in pips

Stop Loss(pips):value in pips

Close Opposite Trades: set to true, EA will close all opposite open trades , before opening a new trade.

Price Slippage: maximum price slippage allowed.

Enable Trailing: set to true. EA will trail stop loss at high or low of a previous bar.

Time Frame: time frame for indicators.

Display Info Color: prefer text color.

Max Spread For Entry: maximum spread value for new entry.

Max Buy Trade: maximum number of long trades allowed.

Max Sell Trade: maximum number of short trades allowed.


Use Stoch: set to true to use stochastic indicator.

====== RSI PARAMETERS ======

Use RSI: set to true to use RSI indicator.

Do not set both Stochastic  and RSI to false, must be either one set to true.

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Версия 1.1 2019.06.15
use stoch and use rsi set both to false, no trade will be opened