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MA BuzzQue

MA BuzzQue

This EA uses MovingAverages for entry and trend following. It has the following features:

  • Recovery trades by martingale. 
  • Trading hours 
  • Money Management to close all positions if floating loss is reached.
  • Moving Average parameters can be changed for both trend and entry.
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss.


  • Trade Comment- customize comment.
  • Stop New Entry- can be ON/OFF. 
  • Max Spread-Maximum spread allowed to open first new position.
  • Magic No.- this ea unique trade number.
  • Lot- lot size for first entry.
  • Lot Multiplier-lot size multiplier for next trade.
  • Pip Step-distance between trades.
  • Max Open trades- max numbers of open trades per side.
  • Take Profit- value in pips.
  • Stop Loss- value in pips.
  • Trailing- trailing stop when in profit in pips.
  • Trading Hours-ON/OFF.
  • Start Hours- EA start hours to open first new trade if there is setup.
  • Stop Hours-EA stop looking for new setup.
  • Trend TF- time frame for Trend MA.
  • Entry TF-time frame for Entry MA. 
  • MONEY MANAGEMENT- for closing all trades if floating loss drops to set value.

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