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Speedy Tiger



Speedy Tiger is a fully automated EA that uses our innovative algorithm combined with our money management concept. This EA is designed for easy to use with simple inputs parameters.


Trade Comment: user comment

Magic No: unique EA Number

Time Frame: default is H1

Min Lot: EA will execute not less than the minimum lot size for starting lot, taking into account the calculated risk set in percentage trade risk feature.

Max Lot: EA will not execute lot size more than maximum lot size.

Take Profit: value in pips.

Stop Loss: value in pips.

Max Spread: EA will not open new order if spread is more than maximum spread allowed.

Percentage Trade Risk (%): the amount of money to risk in percentage.

*** Trailing ***

ONOFF: on or off trailing.

Trailing Start: EA will start trailing at trailing start pips.

Trailing Stop: EA will place stop loss a certain pips behind market price.


ONOFF: on or off target.

Profit (%): EA will be removed from chart when profit reaches the set percentage.

Loss (%): EA will be removed from chart when loss drops below the set percentage.

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