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Renko Trade Panel

Expert Advisor was designed for traders who use Mean Renko candles in their own trade. The control panel and its excellent functionality allow you to quickly set parameters for transactions and positioning. I especially recommend it for traders who deal with scalping.

Signals those Robot uses to conclude transactions:

  1. Swing (Formations 123)
  2. Pattern (Double Bottom, Double Top, Triple Bottom, Triple Top, 123 Reverse)
  3. Scalp (Periodic change in the price direction, plus additional filters in the form of oscillators Stochastic i MACD)
  4. Ichi (Signals filtered by the Ichimoku indicator)

Visualization of signals is possible with Renko Trade Alarm.

For the "Scalp" signal it is possible to include additional filters in the form of "Stochastic" and "MACD" oscillators.

Ichimoku Parameters:

  • Tenkan sen (default = 9) — average of last 9 periods.
  • Kijun sen (default = 26) — average of last 26 periods.
  • Senkou span B (default = 52) — average of last 52 periods.
  • Close_Tenkan_Sen (default = true) – the price is crossing Tenkan sen / the order is closed..
  • Close_Kijun_Sen (default = false) – the price is crossing Kijun sen / the order is closed.
  • Close_Revers_Bar(default = false) – the appearance of the first reverse candle causes the closing of the order.

Trade Parameters:

  • Long (default = true) — when Long false. Expert Advisor can not open Buy orders automatically..
  • Short (default = true) — when Short false. Expert Advisor can not open Sell orders automatically..
  • TP_Pips (default =100) — assumed profit in pips for manual and automatic orders.
  • SL_Pips (default =20) — acceptable loss in pips for manual and automatic orders.
  • Swing (default = true) – detection of formation 123 causes the opening of the order.
  • Pattern (default = false) – when true, detection of formations Double BottomDouble TopTriple BottomTriple Top123 Reverse causes the opening of the order.
  • Scalp (default = false) – when true, detection of periodic change in the price direction causes opening the order (additional filters available in the form of Stochastic and MACD oscillators
  • Ichi (default = false) –when true, detection of a signal causes the opening of the order. (Signals filtered by the standard Ichimoku indicator)
  • BreakEven (default = false) — when true, the automatic sliding function SL to the place of entry does work.
  • BreakEven_Pips (default =20) — distance in pips after which SL is automatically moved to the entrance.
  • XpipsAboveBE (default = 1) — additional pips on the plus added to BreakEven.
  • Summary_BreakEven (default = false) — when true, the automatic BreakEven level is enabled for all open positions.
  • TrailingStop (default = false) — when true, keeps the position automatically from the moment when the price exceeds the place of entry into the position.
  • Trail_Pips (default =20) — the number of pips by which the price must be distans from entering the position when TrailingStop starts working.
  • Trail_Step (default =1) — the number of pips determining the step size for the TrailingStop function.
  • TrailingStopBars (default = false) — when true, it keeps the position automatically after the next candles from the moment when the price exceeds the place of entry into the position.
  • TrailingBarsIndex (default = 1) — the number of candles counted back for the TrailingStopBars function.
  • Pyramid_System (default = false) — when true, Pyramid System is on.
  • Min_Pyramid_Distance (default =20) — the minimum distance from the previous position for the next position in the pyramid.
  • Move BE (default = false) — pressing the Move BE button will immediately move all SL in place of entering the position.

Money Management

  • TradeSize (default = 1.00) —  fixed size of Lot. Used when TradeSizeFix true.
  • TradeSizeFix (default = true) — when true, the size of position = TradeSize.
  • MM_Percent (default = 2%) — the size of position automatically calculated in percent. Used when TradeSizeFixfalse.
  • Profit_Target_Percent (default = 2) — Daily Target is calculated as a percentage of the account balance. After reaching the target, the Expert Advisor stops opening positions automatically until the end of the day.

Krzysztof Borzyszkowski
Krzysztof Borzyszkowski 2019.05.17 08:36 

Im testing and I see big potencial on it:)