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Renko Trade Alarm

Renko Trade Alarm  is designed to work on chart with Renko and Mean Renko candles. It generate Buy and Sell signals on the chart and send notifications.

Visualization of signals:

  1. Swing - Formations 123.
  2. Pattern - Double Bottom, Double Top, Triple Bottom, Triple Top, Formations 123 Reverse.
  3. Scalp - Periodic change in the price direction, plus additional filters in the form of oscillators Stochastic and MACD.
  4. Ichi - Signals filtered by the Ichimoku indicator.
For correct operation an offline chart is required on which Mean Renko candles are generated.

For the "Scalp" signal it is possible to include additional filters in the form of "Stochastic" and "MACD" oscillators.

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