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OneKey ClosePosition

I see that many tools in the market deal with Position and Order in the form of operation panels. Which is loaded into a Chart in the form of an EA.

However, once the operator panel EA is loaded, no other EAs can be loaded. So, I wrote the one-click operation of Position and Order as a script, so you can load other EAs and easily complete one-click operation of Trade.

1. What is this:

This is a one-click script to close position order.

2. Function:

There are many ways to filter:

  • You can choose the symbol of the position order. Default is All.
  • You can choose the type of position order, Default is All
  • You can enter magci number, the default is 0.
  • You can enter comment, the default is "".
3. Parameters:
  • Input string ForexName="All"; //Input symbol name: All / EURUSD / AUDUSD / ...
  • Input Enum_PositionType TYPE_Position=Type_All; //Select the mode of the position.
  • Input int MAGICNUM=0; //This is order magic number, default=0.
  • Input string COMMENT=""; //This is order comment
Thanks for using!

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Suit me.

Версия 1.6 2019.05.07
Add to print the total time of closing all position.
Версия 1.2 2019.02.14
1.01Fix some bugs.

1.02Add alert when you have the wrong operation.