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OneKey DeleteOrder

I see that many tools in the market deal with Position and Order in the form of operation panels. Which is loaded into a Chart in the form of an EA.

However, once the operator panel EA is loaded, no other EAs can be loaded. So, I wrote the one-click operation of Position and Order as a script, so you can load other EAs and easily complete one-click operation of Trade.

1. What is this:

This is a one-click script to delete the pending order.

2. Function:

There are many ways to filter:
  • You can choose the symbol of the pending order.  Default is All.
  • You can choose the type of pending order, Default is All.
  • You can enter magci number, the default is 0.
  • You can enter comment, the default is "".
3. Parameters:
  • Input string ForexName="All";                            //Input symbol name: All / EURUSD / AUDUSD / ...
  • Input Enum_OrderType Type_Order=TYPE_All;    //Select the mode of the order.
  • Input int MAGICNUM=0;                                     //This is order magic number, default=0.
  • Input string COMMENT="";                                  //This is order comment
Thanks for using!

1048308739 2019.02.14 14:59 

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514449191 2019.02.14 14:08 

I don't like GUI,it is too troublesome for switch other ea.Your suit for me.

Версия 1.6 2019.05.07
Add to print the total time of deleting all pending orders.
Версия 1.2 2019.02.14
1.01 Fix some bug.

1.02 Add alert when you have the wrong operation.