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Download All Symbol Data In Market Watch

Have you ever take a long time to watch a Symbol when the network link is not good ?

Have you ever wait for a long time when you switch chart between different Symbols or different TimeFrames ?

If you do long-term backtesting , Have you ever to be downloaded datas for a long time ?

Yes, If there is no data in the system, those will happen. 

1. What is this:

Download all the Symbol data in Market Watch to the system. PS: This is not outputting data to Files.

2. Why use it:

Downloading historical data to the system in advance can improve work efficiency.

3. How to use:

Input Parameters:
  • bool_usualtimeframe=true;   //---Whether to choose usual timeframe of MT5.
    • true - default TimeFrames : M1/M5/M15/... ;  false - all TimeFrames : M1/M2/M3/M4/M5...
  • bool_allSymbol=true;            //---Whether to choose download all the symbol from Market Watch
    • true - Market Watch all varieties;  false - based on your input
  • input_Symbol=NULL;             //---When the above parameter is false, enter your Symbol name. eg : EURUSD/AUDUSD...
  • time_Start=D'2017.01.01';     //---Default data download start time,you can input your want
  • sleeptime=5000;                   //---Less than the M5 time frame, let the program rest in milliseconds

PS:If the time_Start you enter is earlier than the server time, the program will select the server time.

     When you download too many symbols, If your memory is not big enough,  I don't recommend you to reduce sleeptime.

1048308739 2019.02.09 16:25 

To some bad network connections, It is very usefull.

514449191 2019.02.08 10:51 

It is usefull to me,and I can study past prices.

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