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Moneyflow trader


Moneyflow trader is an EA based on the MFI indicator. It  doesn't use martingale or grid. Open trades are based on MFI compared to mfi a spesified number of candels back in time. It closes trades by stoploss or a set of rules based on MA. 

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EA is most suitable for traders who like a lot of action and trades. 

Input parameters

MAperiode: Moving average periode used by the close function

mfiperiode: Moneyflow indicator setting for entries

mfi2periode: Moneyflow indicator 2 settings for entries

mfi2 shift: How many bars back to calcuate mfi2

tp: Take profit in points (10 points is 1 pip)

sl: Stop Loss in points

ts: Trailingstop in points

Max orders: 20 is default (from 1-account max(varies by broker))

lots: lots pr trade

mn: Magic number

The EA can be used on any currencypair, but some are better than others. Test and find out the pairs you want to use it on.

Examples show trading from january 2018 to november 2018 using SL=9000 and not the std parameters. 

NB! It uses big stoploss, so you will need a big account. If you have less than 5000USD only trade one pair or use micro account when using big stoploss . I also recommend taking profits out of the account sometimes to protect your total capital.

Disclaimer: Testingresults and past perfomence is no guarantee of future success. Buyer of this EA are themself responsible for any profit and/or loss that may accure.

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