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Taranus is a universal assistant, a multi-purpose trading robot that helps in trading on the Forex market! The Taranus EA is intended for operation under trader's control, and not designed for long-term autonomous operation. The trader’s task is to assess the market situation, select the appropriate strategy – the rest is up to the Expert Advisor.

Key Advantages

  • 3 operation modes: only pending orders, only market orders or pending and market orders simultaneously;
  • individual stop loss, take profit and trailing stop can be set for each type of orders (market, pending);
  • pending orders are trailed closer to the price;
  • you can set offset for the first order and the distance between orders, separately for stop orders and limit orders;
  • with the magic number set to -1, the EA manages all orders available on a given currency pair, while placing and opening its own orders;
  • it can operate based on one MA, two MAs or Awesome Oscillator and Parabolic SAR;
  • additional filters for determining the trend direction: AutoTrend 1 and AutoTrend 2;
  • it can operate without the indicators, if you selected one direction (Buy or Sell);
  • for trade during the flats there are trade levels, which can be used for trading both the breakouts and rebounds;
  • automatic news trading - 3 strategies (using a single order or a grid of orders);
  • "All Symbol" trailing stop (for orders opened on all symbols);
  • 4 trailing stop operation modes: simple, by percentage, general trailing stop and mobile stop loss;
  • 6 trailing stop types: by points, by High/Low, by fractals, by volumes, by Moving Average, by Parabolic SAR;
  • virtual (hidden) trailing stop;
  • adding stop loss to other orders, including orders opened manually;
  • closing orders by the percentage of profit/loss;
  • Multiple instances of the Taranus EA can work for overall profit and monitor the total loss;
  • opening and closing orders by time (days, hours, minutes, seconds);
  • managing orders using "hot" keys and "hot" buttons;
  • audio notification on opening new orders and moving the trailing stop;
  • works on accounts with 4- and 5-digit quotes;
  • currency of the current account can be either US dollars (USD) or Russian rubles (RUR).

Parameters (part)


  • Magic Number (-1 for all, 0 only manual) - magic number. 
  • All Symbols, except opening orders! - monitor the open orders on all symbols only for trailing stop.
  • Positions - select the trading direction.
  • Use orders - select the orders to trade.
  • Close by Stops - the EA will ignore indicator signals and close all positions only by stop loss or take profit.
  • Close, if the profit - if the Profit value in the terminal is positive, the EA will close all orders and stop its operation.
  • Stop Loss for other open orders - set stop loss of other orders with another magic number.
  • Number of open orders - the maximum allowed number of open orders.
  • Pending orders type - select the type of pending orders.
  • AutoTrend 1 - enable/disable the automatic filter 1 for determining the trend direction.
  • AutoTrend 2 - enable/disable the automatic filter 2 for determining the trend direction.
  • Indicators - enable/disable the Indicators block'.
  • Trade Levels - enable/disable the Trade levels block.
  • Trading on the News - select the strategy for news trading.
    • on One order - place one Buy order and one Sell order.
    • Grid gradually - gradually place a grid of orders after a news release as the price moves.
    • Grid immediately - place two opposite grids of orders in opposite directions immediately before the news release.

Block 2 «ORDERS TYPE» - set the stop loss, take profit and other parameters for market and pending orders.


Block 4 «AUTO TREND» - setting parameters for AutoTrend 1 and AutoTrend 2.

Block 5 «INDICATORS» - indicator settings.

Block 6 «TRADE LEVELS» - setting parameters of trade levels.

Block 7 «TRAILING STOP» - select and configure trailing stop.

Block 8 «TRADE BY TIME» - settings of trading by time.


The complete guide to the Taranus EA, the .set files and templates can be found in the Comments section.

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Versión 8.1 2018.12.19
Исправлена ошибка при выводе комментариев.
Versión 8.0 2018.12.18

- in block 2. "ORDERS TYPE" parameter "Trailing after the bar closed" - pending orders will be moved only after the bar is closed, of the current chart;
in block 6 "TRADING LEVELS":
- mode switch "Setting trading levels:" where you can select: "Auto levels" or " Trend lines";
- parameter "Retreat from the level/line, in points";
- switch modes "Set levels by:" where you can choose how to build the trading levels of "High/Low", "Fractals" or "Points" (the values set by the trader);
- mode switch for trend lines "Select trend lines:" where you can select: "Two lines together", "Buy line only" or " Sell line only";
- "999" Trend line Buy - name for the buy line;
- "111" Trend line Sell - name of the sell line.

- showing information messages on the chart;
- arrows, direction indicators, now work only on signals for pending orders;
- automatic lot calculation for combined orders;
- the work of combined orders, now a market order is opened first and only then pending orders;
- the location and purpose of the commands in the block 3."RISK MANAGEMENT";
- the unit structure 6."TRADING LEVELS".
Versión 7.3 2018.12.06
Changed, fixed:
- fixed a bug in trading pending orders and slightly changed its operation;
- fixed a bug in trailing stop for open positions that occurred when reaching the maximum allowed number of orders;
- removed from the control menu command " All Symbols, except opening orders!";
- removed notification sound when you move (modification) of pending orders;
- changed the operation of the hot buttons, the "Close All" button, when it is pressed, now not only closes all orders on the account, but also blocks the work of all EA Taranus (similar to the action of the hot keys "Shift + 0"), pressing the button again removes the lock;
- hot buttons "Close Loss", "Close Profit", "Delete PO"," Delete SL " now work only on the chart of your symbol (your currency pair) and execute the order on all orders of this chart without taking into account the magic number and direction of the order;
- fixed bug and changed work when closing by profit or loss percentage;
- after closing orders (by percentage), to manually disable the lock, you need to change the settings in one of the expert advisors or reinstall the expert advisors, and to remove the warning label on other charts, you just need to switch to another timeframe.
Versión 7.2 2018.09.27
Внесены изменения в торговлю на новостях. Теперь советник сам скачивает календарь новостей и показывает новости на графике в виде вертикальных линий.
Versión 7.1 2018.07.20
Fixed an error that occurred when calculating the trailing stop value for 5-digit accounts. Small changes in the EA operation during news trading.
Versión 7.0 2018.06.05
1. the structure of the control menu, frequently used functions have been moved to the "General settings" section;
2. in the "Combi" mode - a market order is now opened only if there is a signal to open a market order, no changes to pending orders;
3. the EA no longer downloads the news calendar, use the FXCalendar_T indicator for this purpose;
4. the minimum distance between pending orders can now be no less than the stop level;
the maximum number of orders the EA can work with has been increased to 100 per instrument.

1. individual stop loss, take profit and trailing stop can be set for each type of orders (market, pending);
a separate offset for the first order and a separate distance between orders can be set for stop orders and limit orders;
2. magic number -1, at which the EA manages all orders available on a given currency pair, while placing and opening its own orders;
3. two strategies for news trading: immediate orders grid or gradual orders grid;
4. limit orders can now be used for news trading;
5. "All Symbol" trailing stop (for all symbols);
6. virtual (hidden) trailing stop;
7. trailing stop based on Moving Average or Parabolic SAR;
8. trailing stop by percentage, 3 levels for partial reduction of position volume;
9. adding stop loss to other orders, including orders opened manually;
10. "hot" keys for quick commands;
11. audio notification on opening new orders and moving the trailing stop.
Versión 6.0 2017.06.21
1. Revised the EA control menu, it is now more convenient.
2. Added the mode for working with combined orders, i.e. pending and market orders simultaneously.
3. Calculation of the Autolot is now based on Balance and not on Equity as it was before.
4. "Risk in % - AutoLot calculation" is now also divided by the specified number of orders.
5. Canceled the mandatory stop loss. Now, if you set stop loss = 0, the order will also have stop loss = 0.
6. Partially changed the tactics for placing and removing pending orders.
7. Trailing stop of pending orders is now blocked, if an open order is present.
8. Implemented additional "slowing" parameter for AutoTrend 1 - indicator sensitivity level, the higher the value the slower AutoTrend 1 reacts.
9. In addition to the conventional trailing stop, added a general trailing stop and mobile stop loss.
10. Trailing stop can now operate in four modes: by points, by High/Low, by fractals, by volumes.
11. Changed the operation of AutoTrend 1. Now orders can be opened by AutoTrend 1 only if other indicators are enabled or only one direction is selected (Long or Short).
12. Changed the time settings in block 9 "News trading". It is possible to set the number of seconds before the news, and the number of minutes after the news.
13. Added a lower arrow pointer to the chart (for "Indicators: and "Trading levels"), which shows the direction of the open order. If there are no open orders the arrow is located horizontally.
14. Added a caption near to the lower arrow, which shows the indicator the EA currently uses for operation.
Versión 5.1 2016.08.04
1 Significantly modified operation of the block of Market orders. Now, if there is a trading signal, market order will be opened and closed at the bar close (i. e. at the Close price [1]). For more details about Expert Advisor operation with market orders watch the video https://youtu.be/a3L7TPItFLk

2. Now, the moving averages of block 4 "Indicators" do not work with trade levels. When trade levels are enabled, the moving averages are blocked. You can use Auto_Trend 1 and Auto_Trend _2 (one of them or both) as additional filters when working with trade levels.
In this regard, "wait" appears at the bottom of the screen instead of the bottom arrow of the indicators. It will disappear once the forst order is opened.

3. Awesome Oscillator has been removed from block 4 "Indicators". If you need this indicator for filtering out false MA signals, use Auto_Trend 2 on the same timeframe.

4. Now, pending orders will be deleted after the opposite signal from Auto_Trend 2 or moving averages appears (Block 4 "Indicators").

5. When working with trade levels, pending orders will now only be deleted upon bar close confirmation (i.e. Close [1]).
Under the strategy "Breakout of levels", if the price returns to the channel and the bar closes [1] inside the channel, pending orders will be deleted, and open positions will be closed. Under the strategy "Bounce off levels" (rollback), if the price returns back outside the channel and the Bar Close[1] is outside the channel, pending orders will be deleted, and open positions will be closed.

6. Conditions of the "Close by Stops!" command with pending orders have changed. When using indicators (not trade levels) pending orders will only be deleted if all indicators will point in the opposite direction. In this case, open position (as before) will only be closed by stop loss or take profit.

7. However, when using trade levels, if the command "Close by Stops!" is on, pending orders will be deleted and open positions will be closed only when the price crosses the opposite trade level, and a signal to open an order in the opposite direction appear. In this case, it does not matter where the trend arrows are directed, if at this moment you use Auto_Trend 1 or Auto_Trend 2 together with trade levels.

8. When using three pointer arrows (Auto_Trend 1, Auto_Trend 2 and Indicators) the signal to enter the market (to place pending orders) will only appear when all three arrows point in the same direction! The same is true for order closure! All three arrows!!! (not two as before) must point in the opposite direction in order to close orders.

9. Operation of Auto_Trend 1 has changed. Now the arrow points at Buy or Sell only after bar Close[1] above or below the trend MA Auto_Trend 1.

10. "One order only!" will not work for market orders now. Since the work of market orders has changed, there is no need to use this command with market orders. The "One order only!" command can still be used for pending orders.

11. Take profit should not be zero and should be greater than 0, otherwise the Expert Advisor will not work.

12. In order to avoid conflicts between Taranus and other Expert Advisors, Taranus creates a separate folder inside Files МetaТrader 4 in order to save its files.

14. Expert Advisor setup guide has been updated. The guide can be downloaded from the Comments section.

14. New sets of files and templates for the new version of Taranus 5.1 are available in the Comments section.