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Percent Pivot

The Percent Pivot indicator is a simple indicator that calculates the main percentage values.

The graphical layout makes it very similar to the traditional pivot but its internal computing system is unique and irreplaceable.

Every day, the market creates new bullish or bearish rates.

This indicator help you to identify possible supports or resistance levels.

The main values such as 0.25% and 0.50% are good reference points to use as potential target or reversal levels.

This indicator has been designed to allow you to study an historical analysis and understand the sensitive points (percentages) of the instrument.

This indicator used correctly will provide you a valuable help to do a professional trading on all financial markets.

Input Values

  • Show
    • Percentage - show percentages labels on levels
    • Price - show price labels on levels
  • Numbers of analysis - Numbers of rectangles to show on chart
    • Positive_Percentage_5_Level - 5 levels above Open Price
    • Negative_Percentage_5_Level - 5 levels under Open Price
    • Show_Levels_Label - to show or not show Percentage or Price labels on chart
    • Positive_Percentage_Level_Colors
    • Positive_Percentage_Level_Style
    • Positive_Percentage_Level_Width
    • Negative_Percentage_Level_Colors
    • Negative_Percentage_Level_Style
    • Negative_Percentage_Level_Width
    • Zero_Percentage_Level_Colors
    • Zero_Percentage_Level_Style
    • Zero_Percentage_Level_Width
    • Label_Font
    • Label_Font_Size
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