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An automated multi-Timeframe multi-Currency pattern monitoring Expert Advisor.


  • 25 Chart and Harmonic Patterns
  • Non Repainting Block Optics Algorithm (ZZ is not utilized)
  • Trading
  • Notifying
  • Live Monitoring
  • 3 Profit Targets
  • Rsi Filtering
  • Immediate Discovery
  • Trailing
  • ECN Ready
  • Easy to adjust
  • Patterns Categorized By Recency

This EA cannot be tested in the strategy tester due to its multicurrency and multitimeframe nature

Input Parameters

  • Fail Safe Server Attempts : The number of attempts to download more asset data from the brokers server during the initial deep scan
  • Initial Scan Bars : The amount of bars the EA will initiate scans ,starting from the current timeframe position into past price action
  • Rsi Filter Period : The period to be used in the RSI filtering when RSI is calculated
  • Rsi Filter Price : The applied price to be used in the RSI filtering when RSI is calculated
  • Stops Handling : Leave to Normal or change to ECN if you have an ECN account
  • Auto Trading : Enable or Disable pattern trading .It can also be changed later on from within the Chart without restarting the EA
  • Risk Per Trade : The percentage of the free margin that will be used to open a new trade
  • Trailing : Enable Or Disable Trailing .Trailing will use all 3 TP levels. When TP1 is reached the StopLoss will be moved to the open price and so on
  • TP1 Lot Close : The percentage of the order open lots that is going to be closed partially when Take Profit 1 is reached (To close the trade at TP1 set this at 100% and the rest at 0%)
  • TP2 Lot Close : The percentage of the order open lots that is going to be closed partially when Take Profit 2 is reached (To close the trade at TP2 set this at 100% and the rest at 0%)
  • TP3 Lot Close : The percentage of the order open lots that is going to be closed partially when Take Profit 3 is reached (To close the trade at TP3 set this at 100% and the rest at 0%)
  • Deep Consistency Check : Enable or Disable a second validation pass on the newly completed pattern
  • Patterns Magic Number : The identifier used by the EA on Trades placed
  • Notifications : Enable or Disable Notifications (based on the following settings) It can also be changed from within the chart without restarting the EA
    • Use alerts : Enable or Disable Terminal Alerts
    • Use Mails : Enable or Disable eMails from Voenix
    • Use Push : Enable or Disable smartphone alerts from Voenix
  • Color Settings : Change colors for the drawing of patterns when they are viewed on a separate charе

Nicola Furini
Nicola Furini 2019.05.12 18:24 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Roshan Chacko
Roshan Chacko 2019.02.06 17:28 

The Best harmonic pattern EA/ Indicator available in the market ..nice work done by the Author.

SysMaker 2018.06.14 08:19 

I bought this EA and I have profits since first day, an average de 75% of winner trades. Amazing job for the price, I realliy recommed it

Sunny Ho
Sunny Ho 2017.11.30 08:54 

Starting to learn harmonic pattern. This EA has good interface and save a lot of time scanning and identifying the patterns. I believe it will speed up my learning of harmonic pattern trading.

Sameh Elsabagh
Sameh Elsabagh 2017.09.29 18:10 

20 % loss in one month, with only 1% risk per trade. awaiting new update as promised by the programmer. might change my review when I start seeing some profit but up till now I feel I wasted my money.

Aravind 2017.05.13 18:29 

I use it only for harmonic signals. Good UI but usability wise it is still hard to use as it scans the time frames and pairs selected every time the parameters are changed.

melvorking 2017.05.11 13:57 

try it out today for the first time look very clean nice good interface a like it a go first on my demo

very good EA

Plamen Ivanov
Plamen Ivanov 2017.02.02 11:42 

In my opinion, the best harmonic indicator out there! I do believe, that the best way to trade harmonics is manually, combined with some other indicators, in order to filter the bad signals more efficiently. Testing the ea / indi for a month and will make an update soon. 5* :)

Gustavo Dos Reis
Gustavo Dos Reis 2017.01.27 22:48 

The EA does what it promises. Runs smoothly, the patterns are consistent and the 3 levels of TP are a great idea.Author is helpful too.

Marco Giustini
Marco Giustini 2016.12.16 17:18 

First version with problem...

But after upgrade to V 1.1, EA working very well.

This ea it's a MUST for Trader that love Harmonics Patterns.

Lee Bryant
Lee Bryant 2016.12.15 13:04 

Still early days of testing, looks like lots of work has gone into the EA. The author is helpful and I would recommend.

Versión 1.1 2018.07.13
Updated Trading Buffers