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Volume Spyke

The Volume Spike indicator is a useful tool to identify the directional market's intention.

How Does It Work:

The Volume Spike indicator identifies the volume peaks and creates a sensitive rectangle equipped with Alert and Warning Pop Up that it suggests the market's direction.

This tool has the ability to select the time frame on which to do the analysis of volume and it gives a great visual signal colored into rectangle.

The indicator can identify valid market signals but it can also suggest excellent points of support and resistance.

Please watch the video to get a general idea of how it works.

Input Parameters:

  • TimeFrame Period on which the indicator will perform the analysis
  • Rectangle Graphic Setup (as Color, Line Styles, Width...)
  • Sound and Popup Setup (ON/OFF, wav)


You can choose another wav for Sound (Save your sound under MT4 Sounds directory) and write it in the Sound parameter

Fx taster
Fx taster 2016.04.07 11:51 

The seller is very helpful and this is a very nice and unique tool to have.

I bought this indicator and added it to my indicators library with some other indicators I bought from this seller.

fractal freak X
fractal freak X 2015.07.27 22:29 

Great indi....can you make an update which allows old boxes to stay on the chart?

Also which allows the indi to be used several times to be shown on the same chart? Thx

Versión 2.0 2015.07.31
Version 2.00
You can upload more Indi on same chart.