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FX Snipers T3 CCI Divergence version

This is the famous FX Sniper's T3 CCI indicator. It is a fixed version additionally containing search for classical and reverse (hidden) divergence. The classical divergence is displayed as a solid line, the reverse divergence is shown as a dotted line. Divergences are drawn in the indicator and on the chart (if you select the appropriate options).


  • CCI Period — Commodity Channel Index indicator period
  • CCI Type of price — price used for indicator calculation
  • T3 Period — Sniper period
  • b — Sniper multiplier
  • Method for finding divergences — display divergences:
    • Classical divergence
    • Reverse divergence
    • Both divergence's
    • Disable — do not show divergences
  • Draw lines in the indicator — show lines on the indicator
  • Draw lines on the chart — show lines on the chart
  • Display Alert of Divergence — show popup alerts.
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