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Forex Bot

The Expert Advisor does not use any indicators. It has a virtual trailing stop function and designed for 4-5-digit quotes. The EA opens deals in Market Execution mode. Take Profit and Stop Loss are placed after order execution and modified in accordance with the EA settings.


  • TimeFrame – timeframe for defining the largest bar's Close price within n time period;
  • StartBar – bar, from which the search for the largest bar starts;
  • FinishBar – bar, at which the search for the largest bar is finished;
  • MM – traded lot is calculated based on risk per trade;
  • EquityRisk – risk percentage per deal for trading lot calculation;
  • ManualLots – starting trading lot if MM=false;
  • UseMartingale – use martingale;
  • Multiplicator – lot multiplication factor in case of a loss;
  • MaxLots – max lot in the order series;
  • TakeProfit – take profit is set in pips;
  • StopLoss – stop loss is set in pips;
  • MaxTrades – maximum number of orders opened simultaneously;
  • Distance – price change rate in points per unit of time;
  • TimeFilter – time interval, within which the price change occurs;
  • Magic – magic number;
  • Com – comment to trades;
  • TrailingStart – number of points to start trailing for the grid;
  • TrailingStep – trailing step for the grid;
  • ShowInfo – display/hide information on the trading;
  • Languages – language of the displayed trading data;
  • TextColor – displayed data color.
Paolo Ronchetti
Paolo Ronchetti 2017.04.23 19:43 


williboh 2017.04.20 17:54   

good day

Please help me with prompts to run the EA, since I started it three days ago but did not generate operations

FxRider 2016.06.07 13:35 

Tested it for few days and made some profits. Will see if it's profitable on long term period.

Vladimir, could you please provide me the code source in order to test some modificaiton?