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Hunter pips

This is Multi pair Basket trader EA.

Recommended trading account: cent account only

its better if you use cent account 2000 usd in 0.01 fixed lot or cent account 5000 usd in 0.10 fixed lot.

Basket mode trade mainly on 10 major pairs   "EURUSD"; "USDJPY"; "GBPUSD"; "AUDUSD";"EURJPY";"USDCAD";"EURAUD";"GBPJPY";"GBPCAD";"EURNZD"

Use M15 only.

For basket mode place EA only one any pair and keep on (Show all) all major pair in market watch window.

1. Single pair Setting : Grid hedging trade, M5 TF
2. Multi Pair basket Setting : Multi pair basket hedging trade (recommended + highly profitable) M15 TF

Use only one setting by selecting true or false

In Basket trading description:

S hit and S deals buttons are for sound

Open button green for trade and red for pause new trade

Survive button for if DD goes high its auto activate itself, if its activate Open button auto red means disable, u can activate survive button if think u need to close recent basket then it will close basket in minimum profit.

Bomb button for close all running trade instantly.

Basket trading mode not work in strategy tester cause multi pair trading not allowed in tester.

To test Basket mode, for 1 week demo,  knock me please

Recommended for rent 1 month with low price and i am confirm that your unlimited buying price will come in that month but u hv to follow the cent account rules informed in top.

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Version 1.10 2018.11.10
Change in input setting


1. Single pair Setting
2. Multi Pair basket Setting

Use only one setting by selecting true or false