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Deep debugging + strategy optimization (personal job)
80+ USD
Rewriting the whole scheme of processes. For now EA is written with a lot of repetitions of the same code. There are a lot of unneeded calculations and a lot of tiny errors which may be very important, but really hard to find. Also this storing virtual stops and takeprofits in the names of lines. By the way EA still does not delete them. In addition, no need to enter all the input parameter configurations in EA
1 Application
Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2020.01.18
30 - 50 USD
Hi, I am looking for a indicator or EA that will scan my market watch list in all time frames, and give a list of any currency pair, or item that has gapped up or down, ( that is opened or closed higher or lower than the previous candle). It would be great if: 1) It had the option toggle on off time frames of choice 2) Show how it pair/item has gapped up/down in pips/points or percentage 3) give the ability to choose
6 Applications
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