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216+ USD
I'm looking for a MQL4 programmer for long-term cooperation. The first Test Job. This document describes the TEST JOB. FIFO is to be adhered, so trading server does not kick out orders for FIFO error. For the planned Cluster to evolve, we embed hooks/pipes/common file paths - whatever is available/ preferred so that multiple accounts may interoperate through shared data/information. It has three parts: 1. The
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Experts Other 2019.08.02
40+ USD
the details: -the panel will open a pending order when the button is active based on stoch value . "the button was made active anytime in the day previously" , executes the order when stochastic value reached. -Dynamic SL:After order execution Dynamic is SL placed . DSL runs only when the price goes my favour. -Dynamic SL in Price : this is the pairs price changes everytime when DSL runs my favour -Trailing Start at
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Other 2019.07.31
50 - 100 USD
The Trade Mirror send trading signals over the internet to other computers (MetaTrader 4/5). EA which broadcasts the trading activity, and the subscribers run a copier EA which receives the signals and automatically mirrors the trades. For signal transmission use socket and No external ddl but for writing on the website external ddl allowed. It must be MT4/MT5 compatible.I should be able to add new subscribers, to
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Experts Other 2019.07.28
40+ USD
The specifications would be: Operating System: Android.User interface: some interface similar to first window of MT4 for android, Attched is the file. It is not necesary the user interface is exactly similar to the attached one. If you propose another one that you have made already, no problem.The app has to show some information of about s maximum of 15 MT4 accounts (from diferent brokers) I should have the
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Indicators Other Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes 2019.06.13
Test posting (personal job)
40+ USD
This is a Test, do not open. Supposedly there are over one million words in the English Language. We trimmed some fat to take away really odd words and determiners. Then we grabbed the most popular words and built this word randomizer. Just keep clicking generate—chances are you won't find a repeat
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Other 2019.06.06
MACD (personal job)
30+ USD
Para proporcionar acesso aos nossos aplicativos móveis e outros aplicativos de terceiros, você precisará primeiro gerar um token de API. Basta clicar em "Criar" para gerar o seu token; depois copie-o e cole-o no aplicativo.Escolha o tipo de token de API específico que você necessita, com base nas capacidades que você desejar disponibilizar
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Indicators Other 2019.01.29
Design of Product (personal job)
195+ USD
This is design of risk monitor as agreed on skype. The job is ment to a private risk monitor wich managed by wtrader1 we agreed on skype the design of the monitor and the functions. this is payment for the job
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Other Statistics and mathematics C++ Options Text writing 2019.01.25