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30+ USD
Hi I have an own EA based on RSI and MA, and it have a lot of set parameter. I want to work with a partner to find the profitable set. If you'd like to work with me, please give me a response and tell me your plan or test experience, I will send the EA to you. I want to test around 20 set, and I want to test it in more than 10 years in every time period and in different currency. Best regards
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Other 2020.07.14
30 - 50 USD
I would like some help on trading strategy program that can have multiple take profit options, move stop loss for a single position for a better risk management. -Multiple take profit -stop loss -move stop loss position after take profit 1 or 2 -partial close position
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Other 2020.07.10
30+ USD
If interested freelancer has spare PC available to run optimizations for single expert The EA will be given in to the freelancer with some requirements to fulfill with MT4 Just some specs required in the terminals, and atleast 6 terminals, settings delivery
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Other 2020.07.08
30+ USD
Hi, I need an expert advisor for MT5 based off of the Aroon indicator. It needs to be able to work on all timeframes. I also need a module of signal for the Aroon indicator for MT5 based off of the attached Aroon indicator for MT5. Expert Advisor details: The expert advisor should be able to buy on the first candle that the up line (green line) crosses above the down line (red line) or sell if the down line (red
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Experts Other 2020.06.30
50 - 390 USD
I have an iPhone 4S (Version: 9.3.6), and I forgot the password, so I need help to open the device or extract the data (pictures, videos, etc.). Notes: 1- I tried a lot of solutions in the internet , but nothing seems to help. 2- I haven't backed up my data in iCloud also never used the phone with iTunes in my PC. 3- the iPhone is disabled for a long time 26 years
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Other C++ C# SQL MySQL 2020.06.28
30 - 100 USD
I am starting a forex signal provider business and will have 2 services. First service will be to deliver signals to clients and clients will be responsible to place the trades in their trading account manually. Second service, I will trade my own account from where the signals in first service above will be generated. However, in the Second service, the trades I place in my MT4 trading account should be replicated
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Other PHP Forex 2020.05.20
35+ USD
I want a real-time simple scanner to scan my watchlist of stocks and identify those stocks which are in Fibonacci retracement phase and RSI divergence (both conditions to be met). Fibonacci Retracement phase - when stock is between 38.2% - 61.8% retracement levels. The scanner should be able to scan stocks in real-time. The results of the scanner should be displayed on a dashboard with time of alert. The scanner
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Other 2020.05.10
Thank You (personal job)
50+ USD
Hello Amir Trader, I'm mistakenly bought single pair indicator that you made. Thank you for helping me out to get multi-pair BBMA indicator. Your indicator may be the key for my trading method with BBMA. Ramadhan Kareem
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Other 2020.05.01
30 - 120 USD
Hello, My name is Javan, and I am a jr. developer. I am looking to order an EA with source code, as well as gain a mentor. I am a student at UNLV studying computer engineering and I am coach-able. I have been trading manually on a demo for about a year with various strategies, and I have been learning c++, and mql5 since the beginning of the year. My strategies that I plan on imposing aren't too far off, my ideas are
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Experts Other Statistics and mathematics Custom graphics C++ Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Forex Data mining 2020.03.19
45+ USD
1. Low CPU consuming EA 2. To be pushed to a channel or a private number (it doesnt matter) 3. Alerts by triggers 4. Daily Alerts. Code source must be provided of course. Parameters and inputs: Channel/Username: [channel/user.name] Alias: ["Big Account" - To identify the account by a custom name] EquityAlert: 50 [means that the equity is equal or below 50% from the balance] EquityFreq: 180 [means that we will get a
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Integration Other 2020.03.16
MACD (personal job)
30+ USD
Para proporcionar acesso aos nossos aplicativos móveis e outros aplicativos de terceiros, você precisará primeiro gerar um token de API. Basta clicar em "Criar" para gerar o seu token; depois copie-o e cole-o no aplicativo. Escolha o tipo de token de API específico que você necessita, com base nas capacidades que você desejar disponibilizar
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Indicators Other 2019.01.29
Design of Product (personal job)
195+ USD
This is design of risk monitor as agreed on skype. The job is ment to a private risk monitor wich managed by wtrader1 we agreed on skype the design of the monitor and the functions. this is payment for the job
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Other Statistics and mathematics C++ Options Text writing 2019.01.25