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30+ USD
Hello All, I Need an API Program which will Auto Trade on Binance Exchange as per given Instructions. Strategy is very simple. Just want to Buy or Sell entry with Target. If Price goes Up or down with a certain points open another Buy/Sell with given multiplier. In Simple want a Both Side Averaging Robot connected to Binance Exchange. Regards
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MQL4 Scripts Consultation Java JavaScript Python
30 - 1000 USD
hello, looking for some guidance on what i need to get this project started, i will need a coder to help but im creating my own account metrics website where traders can monitor their account stats i just need to find the most effective way to do this
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MQL5 Consultation
Need a practicing trader (personal job)
225+ USD
We need consultation, cooperation with a trader who has experience in futures trading on American indices (SP500, Nasdaq100, US30). Specifically, disclosing trading secrets, assessing the current market situation, predicting the behavior of the price of stocks or indices
Training on MT5 Signals (personal job)
30+ USD
I would someone to review my Advisor and optimize is for multi symbol. I need an expert opinion on my trading strategy and comments. I may need recurrent support for my development later
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MQL5 Other Consultation
30 - 1000 USD
Hi. I am looking for a Mentor that has verifiable experience trading forex and commodities. Somebody who has a couple years experience in failures and successes. I am not a beginner. I have modest success already with discretionary trading. I have had an EA created that is very promising. It has extensive testing with very good results. The idea would be to work together advancing the existing EA and build additional