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30 - 200 USD
Need a bridge for Neuroshell to MT4 and MT5. I'm sure someone here has already created this. Let me know if you have one available using the datapump supplied by Neuroshell. Thanks
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Integration C++ R Python Data mining 2019.08.24
1000 - 1500 USD
I need a developer who can make a dashboard for MT5 that can do the following: 1) Load charts from Bitmex and Binance crypto exchanges on MT5 (similar to crypto charts plugin: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/24508) 2) View open orders and open positions (similar to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fTWWH1IfYI) 3) Have a dashboard and execute orders based on order size, etc. (similar to this video
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Integration Collection of data on the internet Product Design 2019.08.10
50 - 100 USD
Hello, I am looking for a developer who can create forex signal apps for android.(If it is also possible with iOS, it is better.) It delivers forex signals for free and paid. If you have some source code, it is preferable. I will prepare an indicator for signals and you may have to integrate the indicator in the server side. The client and server system is required. Creating the whole system is the project. It needs
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Indicators Integration Java PHP 2019.07.25
50 - 400 USD
I need to protect my EA with License integrate with ClickBetter.com Need to Automatic adding clients and automatic removing refunded clients. Script Example here:https://mqllock.com/clickbetter-integration/ Require IPN: IPN is Instant Payment Notification, IPN makes possible that ClickBetter clients´s scripts get notified automatically upon new order has been received or someone has requested refund. With IPN its
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Experts Integration 2019.07.22
30 - 200 USD
Would like to have ticks pulled from MT4 and delivered to tables in MSSQL. Each symbol will have it's own table. Server/Database name should be able to be set globally for the MT4 instance, or manually for each symbol. Credentials should not be hard-coded. Table allocation should have the option of being automatic (symbol name), or statically set per symbol. No issue running against multiple symbols in the same
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Integration C# SQL 2019.05.06