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50 - 300 USD
Ultimate aim is for an MT5 EA/Script to create and send a CSV file of each trade or pending order making a seamless automated process. Pathway is MT5 to winSCP ( https://winscp.net/eng/download.php ) using PuttyGen (public/private key pair). MT5 CSV output must have following format: File name The file name should have the following format: lpxd_external_advisors_XX_yyyymmdd-HHMM.csv File content The file example
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MQL5 Integration Other
30 - 100 USD
Hi, I have indicator on MT4 platform with buffer color arrow, I am looking for dev can build an EA to apply auto trading on Bybit and Binance Exchange based on this indicator. I need follow features: - Auto enter trade based on indicator MT4 - Take profit/ stop loss based on % of entry price - Trading mode: one way or hedge mode - Amount to trade: can input number or % of balance - Leverage - Number of trade: all
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MQL4 Indicators Integration
30 - 50 USD
I want to connect MT4 to Binance using API Binance. Whenever I put the trade (instant buy, instant sell with TP/SL) in MT4 using my MT4 EA, the same orders need to be instantly executed in Binance. I am currently trading crypto pairs available in MT4 on ICMarkets with a regular MT4 EA. Price negotiable and not limited to given budget
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MQL4 Experts Integration
30 - 150 USD
This BOT is a combination of fundamental analysis of the Commitment of Traders (COT) and Technical analysis ( Patterns, Fibonacci, Highs and Lows, Support and Resistance). On the fundamental module, you are required to connect to ' Historical Compressed | CFTC ' and extract data, see image file : 'fundamental data-ctfc' for instruction. Data to extracted are : Non commercial long position, Non commercial short
Plugin (personal job)
500+ USD
The main functionality of the plugin is to charge Swaps (interest) , now swaps have two values ( buy and sell ) each one has its own value, every day the swaps value change for each symbol. Rest of the requirements are attached
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MQL5 Integration Design
100+ USD
hi i would like convert existing mql4 script to Pine Script (Trading view) & AFL (AMIBROKER) i have a setup which is combination of 4 indicators (Mql4). i would like to someone convert them to Pine script strategy and AFL strategy the developed scripts should be inline with MT4 output Set Up Time Frame : 5/15/30/1Hr Raiting Trading System for MT4 is very powerful one. It was created by Lucas and developed to follow
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MQL4 Integration Converting C++ C#
36+ USD
The developer shall develop a stand-alone function that reads from an external file and replaces specific parts of code therein with given variables before including it. For example: (input) string code_old=" OLD "; (input) string code_new=" NEW "; // (if NEW file exists, skip to #include) // open OLD file? // find and replace in OLD file? // write NEW file? #include " NEW file" and in external OLD file (i.e. before
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MQL4 Integration Other C++
30 - 100 USD
i need to create an indicator for a backtesting program called forex tester 4 this program is based in relative strength index of currencies in metatrader 4 and i want to use it in forex tester 4, this program is coded in dll , programmed in c or delphi
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MQL4 Integration
300 - 600 USD
Requesting a full live MT5 terminal integration with Bybit and live connection for charting/backtesting on BitMEX exchanges. Full live charting, backtesting, and trading capabilities on Bybit https://bybit-exchange.github.io/docs/inverse/ and full live charting and backtesting capabilities on BitMEX https://www.bitmex.com/app/apiOverview I can provide VPS and MT5 account for development, but setup needs to be easily
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MQL5 Experts Integration