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30 - 100 USD
I'm looking for someone to create an EA trading robot, using two ex4 files and ADX. The EX4 indicators have to be reflecting the same color and trigger and execute a buy signal when both ex4 indicators are green and ADX indicator D+ crosses above 20. And a sell execution when both ex4 indicators are showing red and ADX D- crosses above 20. I want to be able to manually set my own stop loss pip amount via a built in
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Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Yesterday
50+ USD
Hi, I am looking for someone who can make an arrow indicator for MT4. The arrow indicator is based on Extreme TMA trading. In attachment the document with all the specifications and the indicators used. If you are up for the job, please apply and we will discuss
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Indicators Forex 2019.11.25
30+ USD
Good Day, I want someone to modify my blackdiamond indicator and also convert to a Simple EA. The black diamond indicator input is st at 60 as default. SELL TRADE once the colour of the trend line changes to Red, it mean we should look for sell position, the sell alert/trade can only be activated when the price move upward to this points: -3 pips, ( that 3 pips below the trend line) 0 pips ( when price touches the
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Indicators Experts Python Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2019.11.19
100+ USD
Hello, I need a scanner based off of Cycle Identifier indicator. Needs: 1. Multi-Pair monitoring (all symbols in MarketWatch) 2. Multi-time frame monitoring (I want to be able to choose which time frames) 3. email alert option (just like original indicator) 4. Option to switch: minor OR major OR BOTH signals to alert and show on dashboard (just like original indicator) 5. keep original input parameters modifiable
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Indicators Experts Forex 2019.10.19
30 - 50 USD
Hi, I am looking for a indicator or EA that will scan my market watch list in all time frames, and give a list of any currency pair, or item that has gapped up or down, ( that is opened or closed higher or lower than the previous candle). It would be great if: 1) It had the option toggle on off time frames of choice 2) Show how it pair/item has gapped up/down in pips/points or percentage 3) give the ability to choose
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