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30 - 50 USD
MT4 EA Strategy translation I want to know a certain strategy used to develop a MT4 EA Robot in a simple text explanation. Just how it opens and close trades with certain indicator settings and names
30 - 100 USD
Hi, I have signal socket including market pair, call or put, expire time in binary option trading. Looking for developer who can apply these signal socket to Binomo and Pocket Option brokers for auto trading. Thanks
100 USD
Do you have an optimization farm (server farm). I need to test my EA with various settings to see which is most optimal. I also want your EA tested on the server farm that I can buy and it will trade on the following parameters: $200k account 1:100 Leverage Cannot go below 5% DD Daily from the original balance Cannot lose 10% total from the original balance Must be able to make a minimum of 10% within 30 days and
30+ USD
ENGLISH: I am an algorithmic trader developing my systems and I would like to be able to analyze the data from a statistical point of view in the Excel platform. I have a lot of work to analyze so please only serious people. We can discuss the price from the job SPANISH: Soy un trader algorítmico que desarrolla mis sistemas de trading y me gustaría poder analizar los datos desde un punto de vista estadístico en la
30 - 100 USD
I need help to get someone to educate me how to do a proper and with good quality backtest. I have some experience but need someone to educate me. I have the data from Tickstory but can´t get it to be close to live results
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100+ USD
Hello, I wish to get an EA developed for MT5 as per my desired strategy. It's a complex & layered strategy, someone with good communication skills & coding understanding would be highly preffered. EA will be based on Grid system & will be making decisions on predefined actions as per different market conditions. There will be no indicators involved in it, so trades performed by EA will be based on pure mathematical
100 - 500000 USD
I'm looking to bring on a full-time person to develop, backtest, optimize, and forward test a portfolio of strategies to trade forex and futures. Initially, the focus would be on commercially available EA's, as well as coding and testing several of my own trading ideas and strategies. In addition to MT4 and 5, I plan to use Strategy Quant extensively. I don't expect the applicant to have experience with SQ, but a
30 - 75 USD
Hi there I've got an expert advisor trading from 18 to 8h but it seems that hour filter is not enough. The advisor grows consistently during calm ranging markets so it should be able to filter entries based on this market condition . I need a developer to make this possible, thank you in advance
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30 - 150 USD
I am looking for an experienced trader as a Trading Account Manager to manage my accounts for a fees. you may use robot, indicators, scripts, or any other efficient methods that can maximize returns I have account with Admiral Markets brokers. Regards Jihn
30+ USD
I have a stable algorithm that trades well on back testing, but when I deploy it to live, I am not getting the same results. There is no way to change the EA source code as i dont have that. Some of the problems could relate to the spread used on specific accounts, leverage, USD vs USC etc, and that is where the focuse needs to be
30+ USD
Dear Developers, I need detail description of profitable strategy to be coded to MT4 EA. Rules of the strategy : 1) No martingale, no hedging 2) Grid/averaging is allowed up to max 4 open trades including first open trade 3) Time difference between open trades > 30 minutes 4) Exact info about timeframes combination, in case combine the timeframes (example, H1 and M5, H4 and M15, etc) 5) Exact fixed stop loss and take
BBMA Details and help (personal job)
50+ USD
Amir jan. Omidvaram ke khob bashi. When you get a chance could you please write a BBMA strategy for me with a good description for mql5. (The way that you think is good and effective) so I can pass it on to a developer to build on a MT5 platform. I am very very excited about it, and really and really looking forward to the outcome. And I want you to also advice and help me to finalize the product in the best form
30 - 50 USD
1. Find optimal %MM for a trade in each strategy, but with one common account and common single balance 2. Find optimal extern int mmStopLossPips = 150; 3. Do it in excel or similar for future use There are 4 MQL strategies, 4 currency pairs they are sharing 1 Metatrader4 account with one balance of 5 000 USD each strategy has money management like this
30 - 250 USD
Especifique aquí su especificación de requisitos punto por punto. Trate de describir sus requisitos de manera breve y clara, de modo que su potencial desarrollador pueda evaluar correctamente su complejidad y costo, así como el tiempo de ejecución requerido. Una descripción mala o demasiado genérica hará que se ignore su pedido, o pasará mucho tiempo negociando los detalles con cada solicitante. Recuerde: Recuerde
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50 - 200 USD
I will hereby wish to get a clerification on the differences and similarities of octa forex, fresh forex robo forex and fbs and the reason am having issues trading with my bonus and logging into my account. Also I would have love ghost trading with the robo forex because it seems I understand it little much than others
100 - 500 USD
Admin able to create a sub-admin account Admin able to delete, edit, suspend all account Admin and Sub-admin able to add MT4 & MT5 accounts Admin and Sub Admin able to set the total profit sharing based on percentage for each account. Admin and Sub-admin able to track how much the total profit for each account based on daily, weekly and monthly Admin and sub-admin able to see the total profit based on daily, weekly
1000+ USD
This task is quite simple, I think everybody familiar with trading can finish it in just several minutes. But be careful, the task is simple, but the asset managed by this strategy is not that cheap. So, please take care of your algorithms, and guarantee there would not be any data loss. Many thanks. Good luck
50 - 100 USD
Hey friends ! I just want a strategy which should provide atleast 1 or 2 assured signal in an arrow way on chart or I dont mind even if it is has to be done manually. It can be any pair but it should just predict 1 assured prediction for short term trade if you have such strategy then let me know
50 - 80 USD
Hey ! I want a successful and working compounding strategy for binary options trading. Please let me know if you have anything similar. I'd also like to get it coded if you have it (will be paid extra)
30 - 100 USD
I run 2 types of EA's (hedge & martingale) for the fx market and I would like to have a firm grasp over the risk management of the portfolio. The hedge EA basically hedges a losing position at a certain multiplier until the loss becomes break even or a small profit. The martingale EA keeps averaging down a losing position at a certain multiplier til the position becomes break even or small profit. Based on a certain