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Edit My Current Ea (personal job)
30+ USD
Add a 2 stage trail stop 1.Reduce SL by 50% when trade is in 30%. profit from entry 2.Reduce SL by 70% when trade is in profit by 50% from entry Eg Order is opened with SL 30pips, TP 90pips Then trade move to profit by 30%(of TP) from entry, Ist trail stop will be 15 pips after Trade in profit by 30%(TP) it waits there until trade moves further Last trail stop 9 pips. Trade in profit by 50%(TP) Then there is no
30 - 100 USD
I want to create an MT5 EA capable of calculating pivot points for the next day, setting Sell and Buy Limit orders for 2 pairs: AUDJPY and EURUSD in the Pivot Line (PP). As a default value, the SL = 5 pips after the R1 or S1 line, and the TP = 2 pips before the R1 or S1 line. Image attached showing an example. 5 simple conditions: Sell/Buy limit orders must be set every day, between 22:00 and 23:45. Since it is the
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30 - 600 USD
Hello. The "overall subject" has something to do with fast fourier transform. If you understand that subject? - Then i would like to have a quote from you - if you were to develop an indicator for the Currency/forex market on the MT4 platform? (I have the necessary information, a picture of how it should look and can it explain how it should work (but only to some extend) - (I must say, that there might be "a lot" of
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30 - 70 USD
Hello, i have a trading E.A but would love to modify it to better specifications for better entries. I want to increase it's pip-step. Kindly let me know if you can do this job. Thank you
30 - 50 USD
Decidi subir los parametros mas esenciales de mi encargo en las imagenes, para usar este espacio de otra forma., Es una estrategia muy simple, una ves desglosados los conceptos, aqueyos con experiencia en analisis tecnico y Fibonacci me daran la razon en esto., hay mas parametros y filtros de entrada, tiempo y gestion riesgo/beneficio, tambien faltan los parametros de las herramientas, cosas que compartire con el
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Modify PCM indicator (Pivot - Cur str - Market Facilitation Index) (personal job)
120+ USD
Recap : This indicator uses Pivots, cur str meter and Bill Williams Market Faciliation Index (MFI) The way it works - Price reaches a high or low Price reacts and changes direction A MFI bar is created (main, fake, fade, squat) with a value (right now the indi does not count if bar is bull or bear) Cur str met happens Alert add 1. shift pivots by hour (example : instead of starting at 0:00 broker hour, start from
30 - 100 USD
I like to implement Deep learning classification script in Python to MetaTrader 5. But it is not really clear for me what is possible and what is not. Is it possible to develop a python script and run on MetaTrader 5? I have found two article which is about MT5 with python integration. Please have a look:
100+ USD
THIS IS EA for forex market for three pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD /JPY. It uses stochastic indicator and moving average. Thy system must be automatically designed to escape emotions people usually use. When I tested it by automatically entering and exiting positions, it showed great results. Especially in trending markets. In ranges it shows good results as long as they are 10 peeps width. It is scalping system on
30 - 55 USD
A simple EA based on Bollinger Bands and Price Action. that side needs to automatically move the trading position back to the starting point when 1/2 of the trading volume has met the requirements (TP), open new positions when the first requirement is not met ... PA used is the typical basic form
30 - 60 USD
The screenshots below have all the details for how I want the robot developed.its linear regression channel robot with hedging techniques.. it's basically using H meaning hours and M minutes
30+ USD
Hi, I need an help to solve 2 or 3 bugs in my EA. - The functions close sells (TPs & SLs) have a bug, but the function to close buys seems well (it decrease the TPs and SLs when closing the sells); - Conditions of Zigzag, verifying the two existent and a new condition; - The EA has general configurations for all 21 pairs and I need to individualize some of them per pair (arrays); Each pair have this configurations
30 - 100 USD
I like to run Robust linear regression on EURUSD and USDCHF tick data on MT5 terminal as a python scripts. I like to plot the regression residuals and the slopve value of the regression. I like to execute market buy and sell orders based on the regression residuals
30 - 100 USD
I am currently studying algotrading and would like to hire a mentor to guide me through the learning process. So far these are the things i can do. Essential Python for algotrading (data struct, panda, numpy) Setting up for strategy back testing Setting up a basic SMA backtet strategy using Setting up a basic SMA strategy using Forward testing a basic SMA strat using fxcmpy I am
100 - 200 USD
"Cash-is-King" -- built for trading on a Cash Account, where liquidity is not a problem, SWAP fees are offensive, and the trader is uncomfortable with short-selling. Optimized for non-margin trading and traditional buy-low-sell-high strategy (no short-selling at all). The EA will be usable with any Symbol one's broker allows. Parameterization must be simple, easy for the lay investor to understand and implement
30 USD
I like to implement this trading logic into EXCEL RTD: If I2=TRUE, Close all open positions, open buy EURUSD Lot size = Q1 If J2=TRUE, Close all open positions, open sell EURUSD Lot size = Q1 Now I importing 1 minute open price data into excel with this command: =RTD("fxbluelabs.excelrtd",,"MT4 Account No","@bh,EURUSD,1,open,"&A2) I like to import the latest 1000 eurusd tick by tick ask price and not the 1 minute
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200 - 500 USD
Hi, I am looking for someone to convert this strategy in Python to MQL5: - Embedded Backtest Results The idea behind it is that, if you get two pairs of instruments that move in a similar direction (such as Gold and Silver), they will tend to revert to a mean that can be estimated using the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process. It is then used to maximize a log function. There is a tutorial for it here
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30+ USD
I'm looking for a developer who is an Expert in coding custom EAs. I have the formula drawn and explanation for the full strategy. This EA is required asap . If you are interested kindly come inbox I explain more a about it . my budget is open
30 - 70 USD
Hello, I need someone to extract the swap rates from all brokers on all currencies pairs. And send me the list. It can be from phyton or other program. The list should compare every pair on all brokers
30+ USD
The robot must be reliable with a 95% win accuracy that work on cfd such as nasdaq and indises the robot must be able to indicate stop loss and take profit values with a stable lot size that can turn 30 usd into 1000 usd in a day. The robot must be able to be installed in a mobile phone
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50 - 200 USD
The provided is an EA similar to the one I am building, you can use it as reference, it's open source and was downloaded form MQL5, the author had his profile deleted. The is a mt4 indicator that I would like to use in the MT5 EA, you will convert it. The EA is to be used in netting accounts of Future contracts, ie.: CORN, WHEAT, SOYBEAN, M6E, TY, MES, MYM. They are found in the CME, and