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30 - 40 USD
This EA is based on manual strategy called coffee box This is the explications in Spanish min 2 to min 7 This EA will trade after a period of observing the market volatility
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50 - 100 USD
I’m looking for a developer that could make an expert advisor (EA) that will Auto copy telegram signals to MT4 account. Then have ability to adjust and manage the trade bases off the signals change in the telegram channel. 1. Read and copy trading signals posted in specific telegram channels with different format to MT4. 2. Copy all the signals included Entry Price, Multiple entry's ,Stop Loss, take profit 1, take
150 - 250 USD
Hi , Looking for Pro to build a Multi currency EA , Private job with complexity and only experienced developer can do this job ! Please apply if you have enough experience in multi currency ea ! Ea has Panel that shows signal status and signal values n indicator data as well
40+ USD
i need create Breakout EA can be hedge and fifo. feel free ask me detail i am not great in english Detail in PDF **Can pass with validate mql5 markets ** under rules mql5 ** inbox me and send email for access google drive file
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Modify existing Indicator and add some features (personal job)
50 - 300 USD
I would like to add some features to exist indicator. Your indicator is working well but i need add some new features. 1. Alert when price retouch these zone 2. Send alert via Telegram 3
50 - 150 USD
Need a EA/program built for MT5 that can open multiple identical orders (same currency/symbol) of at least basic buy and sell orders at once up to the maximum of 200 orders for any lot size (100 lots max), so it should be able to open 200 x 100 lot buy trades (total 20000 lots) at once. I also need it to be able to modify the stop loss of all orders simultaneously and/or be able to apply a breakeven stop loss to all
30 - 50 USD
Trading Codition - Buy only or sell only option - Gap between each position input - Reopen Position after profit hit - Lot size input - Stop lost = none, input amount - Lot mutiplier = By Capital, none , - Phase mutiplier = after 10 poisiton opened - Take Profit = input - Maximum position - Alert - Email notification - comment in position count 1,2,3,4,5 recount base on amount less <<<<<On Screen information>>>> Deal
150 - 300 USD
Hi, Looking for PRO to build a Multi Currency ( we can add max 28 currency pair it'll take trade on ) with a indicator that will use a icustom function to pull data from indicator and open trades ! its complex ea with a Panel on chart ( statstics etc ) Please apply if you're PRO in building Multi CUrrency ea ! the ea should not consure too much cpu power
40+ USD
Require a coder with ability to extract signals out of crossing of WPR and MA, both in different scale but that graphically look well, to extract crossing of MA into the WPR %R box. And use MA and WPR data to create instructions as per my requirement. Have an indicator that might be used as guidance. Also use moving averages to filter trends on the main chart
50+ USD
Want to Create a Stats Tracker Panel that can export the trade stats to EXCEL. I want either an indicator or an EA or combination of both. I need the indicator or EA to have 2 panels on the chart, the panel on top will have a TP (Take Profit) button, a SC (Scratch) button, and a SL (Stop Loss) button, the SC (Scratch) button should have a true/false option in the settings to turn it on or off, so If it is set to true
30+ USD
Chiedo gentilmente se qualcuno di voi può cambiare questo indicatore: questo, registra il dradown di un account, molto utile per testare EA in demo, ma il problema è che calcola sempre il DD dal sito, quindi se ho una demo da 10k conto e avendo perso / guadagnato, e ho voluto cambiare ea e testarlo sullo stesso conto, l'indicatore calcola il DD massimo registrato in passato. quindi la mia richiesta è: - aggiungi
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200 - 600 USD
I'll provide the source code & related documents for the modification. The existing EA includes topics like TP & SL, Blocking Trade, Trend, Rounding Figure, MA, MACD, Stochastic, MFI, RSI, Bollinger Band, Fibonacci, different Candle Patterns & few more. Applicant having good knowledge on C++ may be given priority
50+ USD
m and w indicator it is not working properly and don't follow the rules of the system. help fix or create new one. i am ready to go and need someone dedicated to finish this job asap. 13 ema and tdi is used to make the pattern and i will provide three videos for you to watch. so you can get an understanding of what i am looking for. i will provide the tdi indicator. I think it would need a few filters pattern usually
30 - 300 USD
I want the robot to enter on conformation from the MACD and conformation from the EMA. I want to be able to set stoploss trailing and fixed and take profit. Abbilty to add positions on comfirmation signals. I need lot size multipliers. Ability to Buy and sell, Sell only or Buy only. I want to be able to trade percent of account balance or fixed lot size and take profit on percent of balance. See Attached example
30 - 100 USD
hi, am looking to make a dashboard/scanner to scan market watch list for several parameters and indicators, like ADX, Macd, MA, RSI, Stochastic, candle timer, and few other data, like price change displayed in %, ADR, candle remaining time, currency strength, etc. I want these shown on a dashboard according to the pairs loaded in the market watch. some will be needed to scanned and displayed for multiple timeframes
30 - 50 USD
Good day, I need an export advisor for the following Specifications EA Name: Master Scalper #1 Trading Panel Indicators The trading panel indicators should consist of the following technical indicators: 1. Moving average (short) – where price is current trading above the moving average (buy) or below (sell) (To be set by user) 2. Moving average (long) -where price is current trading above the moving
30 - 60 USD
Hi I am looking to get a Dashboard that scans forex and indices and when conditions are met it will display on a Dashboard indicating BUY or SELL. Trades will be manually entered. This Dashboard is based on the following indicators - Hull Moving Average, Moving Average (MA Method - Linear Weighted MA), and MTF Moving Average Cross bars. Indicators are provided
30 - 50 USD
Hi, am looking for someone to build a Robot which executes trades with fixed entry/SL/risk management & trade management rules according to the strategy I use. Based on a simple pattern. Everything is in the doc file. I attach the median renko maker too
150 - 250 USD
Hello developers, I need to update an existing grid EA from Forex Factory and reprogram it with more benefits. New Requirements : MT4 version EA’s new name : New Grid EA - 4 and 5 digits auto - Must be able to trade two EA’s in one chart with two different Magic numbers - If any open active order in session was closed manually from any other device ( mobile phone, etc., ), EA will close whole session immediately
30 - 50 USD
Hi, I am looking for a indicator or EA that will scan my market watch list in all time frames, and give a list of any currency pair, or item that has gapped up or down, ( that is opened or closed higher or lower than the previous candle). It would be great if: 1) It had the option toggle on off time frames of choice 2) Show how it pair/item has gapped up/down in pips/points or percentage 3) give the ability to choose