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I want a LOCAL copier trade pro that can function and execute so fast between master and slave accounts. Demo account will be the master account and others ( demo and real ) slave accounts. Master account has the option to assign Lot size separately for each single slave account and has the bool option (true false) to copy manual or EA or both together for each slave account master account also has the option to copy
30 - 45 USD
The code will: 1) connect to IQ option api 2) download every 1 second open close max min and payout (binary option ) of the given currency 3) save this 4 numbers in a matrix and in a csv files 4) the csv files becomes bigger and bigger but the matrix has only the 200 most recent rows 5) simple trading strategy, for example: if the payout is at lease 65% and close(t) > max(t-1) thendo a call option 30second 6) report
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Please read these requirements below, this project means a lot to me as i have worked on theorising this for months and i need a top-standard freelancer to do the job. If you don't match these requirements then look elsewhere, this is not the job for you. - English first language or immaculate English is extremely important - Must be experienced in Forex related coding projects! Otherwise you will not understand the
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