How to get an audile alarm when a trade is executed

Since I use an expert, different instances on different charts, I would like to hear a audible alarm from the MT5 platform on PC when a trade is executed.
Since I work from home, this alarm would give me the opportunity to do other thing while the experts are executed.
I just find it strange that I can't find any answer here on MQL5 and on the internet in general, for something so simple.
Thanks for the help.
Keith Watford  

Use Playsound in the code


It plays a sound file.

bool  PlaySound(
   string  filename      // file name



[in]  Path to a sound file. If filename=NULL, the playback is stopped.

Return Value

true – if the file is found, otherwise - false.


The file must be located in terminal_directory\Sounds or its sub-directory. Only WAV files are played.

Call of PlaySound() with NULL parameter stops playback.

PlaySound() function does not work in the Strategy Tester.

Keith Watford  
erikefox #:

Thanks for the response.
If I got it right, this code has to be inserted in the expert?

Yes, it should be coded so that when a buy/sell is opened the sound is played.

Fernando Carreiro  
erikefox #: Isn't there a general switch button in MT that allow to play a sound if a buy of sell order is activated?

No, there is not! By default, the sound is only played during manual trading, or when an EA is coded to so as well. However, there are push notifications for trade operations.