Access last optimization (or how to know it completed)


Was running a big optimization (on MT4) overnight and windows downloaded an update and restarted on me at some point .

I just don't know if it restarted when the processor was free or it just did after some time after the update.

Is there a way to access previous instance optimization results in the tester in MT4 and MT5 ? (and know if they finished)?

Thank you

Also if you want to disable this feature :

  1. Click Windows+R and type gpedit.msc press Enter.
  2. In the Local Group Policy Editor, go to: Computer Configuration -> ->Administrative Templates-> -> Windows Components->-> Windows Update
  3. Double-click on “No auto-restart with automatic installations of scheduled updates”.
  4. Select "Enabled", and then click "OK".
  5. Close the local group policy editor.

In MT5 

Don't know about MT4.

If the session did  not finish, there is no previous result saved. Me too was optimizing tonight, the session was not saved. Probably the terminal was forcibly closed