mt5 strategy tester causing computer to crash!


hi guys, just wondering if anyone lese has the same issue as im having which is getting incredibly frustrating...

first, this is the spec of my computer i am performing the tests on:

- MSI z490 carbon gaming WiFi motherboard 

- NZXT kraken x63 CPU COOLER RGB 

- Corsair vengeance RGB PRO RAM 32g 

- GeForce GTX 1660 6GB GAMING GPU

- NZXT RGB 140mm FAN

- NZXT RGB 120mm FAN 

- Leon li 24 pin strimmer plus GPU cable 

- intel i9 10850k CPU

- RM650 PSU

in my opinion this setup i have should easily be able to deal with the processing power + memory consumption that the strategy tester needs.

I had this same problem a few months ago when using a HP ryzen 5 tower and just thought the computer simply wasn't powerful enough. what would happen is as soon as i click start on the test, the memory (ram used) flew straight up too 95+% which would cause the computer to freeze, crash, ultimately stop working. So I did the logical thing.. i upgraded and spent 2k+ on a custom tower with a good spec, I should mention that my old tower had 8gb of ram, my new one has 32gb of ram so it thought the memory used would still be high but wouldn't consume the whole 32gb so wouldn't freeze. I WAS WRONG!!

The computer still does the exact same thing... as soon as I click start, the computer freezes and again.. the memory(ram) consumes 95%+ 

I'm testing every tick with no more than 5000 combinations which in my opinion is not alot. I know every tick is alot more precise so naturally will be a larger task but what I don't understand is why the ram is still using 95+%  even thought its 4x bigger.

I have tried and used the cloud server which can help, but spending £5k in 1 month just on testing just so it speeds it up a little is not ideal from longer term use.

The EA I am running I've had checked by multiple coders and I can confirm there in no issue with the code which is causing the drastically high memory usage.

I wish i could speak to mt5/mql5 tech support directly as id love to know the reason why this is happening because from where i stand, the testing function does not work effectively unless you spend 5k a month which is a shame.

has anyone else had this problem? 

Thank you for reading, i know.. its a long one 

i think some faulty hardware component

with the computer? ive had the pc from new (custom built) for 3 weeks, ive had a computer shop look at it and the machine has zero faults, this has got to be something to do with mql5 system and how the strategy tester consumes memory for testing.

also by having the exact same issue on both computers i have as well as my friends computer the common dominator is the strategy tester 

i run call of duty and many other games on the pc and have no issues at all

another thing to add, ive just redone another test and used the cloud server, im currently spending £110 per 10 MINUITES

ive also paid for a high end VPS server (£160+ PM ) and this also just freezes up and the vps processing power is beastly


The Strategy Tester is built to use all available memory, more you have more it uses it.

If you get freeze/crash or slowness, most probably you need to fix/improve your code.


so no matter how much gb ram you have it will use it all?

surely this will always cause any computer to freeze and even crash then due to max capacity of ememory being used


ill re look at code again but im almost certain its not that

plus if i run the macd EA (defalt ea on the drop down menu) i have the exact same problem

very strange because if i run a fresh test with mql5 cloud servers disabled, the computer will really struggle (wont be able to use it)

but if i enable the cloud server, click start and then when it starts processing the combinations i then disable the cloud server, my test will carry on ( just using my local computer processors) and computer wont struggle.. i find this odd


your code is propably fine, we all are having same issue. in my case for 7 years of custom tick data tester loads to memory around 5gb for each virtual core.

Turn off some of your cores and it will run, you will see where is limit of how many agents can run in your case.

Either buy a lot or memory of swith to one minute ohlc...

With that CPU (10 cores, 20 threads), you need 64 GB of RAM as a bare minimum, or it will be regularly running out and causing crashes.  96 GB (32+16+32+16) would be even better.  Also note that MetaTester is great at stress testing your components—sometimes beyond what dedicated stress testing software can do.  Make sure that you have a stable overclock (many upper end PCs automatically enable MCE, "Multi-Core Enhancement" with these CPUs, so you're overclocking even if you don't know it) and that your CPU thermal solution is adequate under all loads.  OCCT is good software for stress testing, looking for processor/memory errors/instability, and monitoring vitals throughout the tests.  If OCCT is showing errors during testing, you either need to adjust your overclock parameters, hardware voltages, or maybe you have faulty hardware.  Errors here will cause crashes, freezes, and reboots in the real world.

The Strategy Tester is probably the most unstable piece of SW after Windows 95 I ever came across and I am in the computer industry for 40 years..

What I found particularly frustrating are these smart comments like "check your code" or  "your PC set up is faulty" or some other waste of time advise.

To all these experts I like to reply, it crashes also with  EAs I downloaded and no other program on my i7 PC is crashing, including 3D game development programs!

Though, I would appreciate any hints to an alternative stable tester program and even better, a different SW compatible platform.

Thanks in advance.



What I found particularly frustrating are these smart comments like "check your code" or  "your PC set up is faulty" or some other waste of time advise.


If the person will use the code (EA for example) with Metatrader so he should accept everything related to Metatrader (because it is money, and money is in his trading account).
But if the person/programmer does not care about his code and asking to improve Metatrader other than to improve/fix his code to be compatible with Metatrader and with his computer configuration - so it is his problem (because it is his money).

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies

Why do brokers not open micro accounts (cent accounts) on the MT5 platform?

Sergey Golubev, 2017.06.02 07:55

Many people use MT4 because of inertia to something new (mechanically).

I remember same case with MT3/M4: I used MT3 and I liked it (it was many years ago), and when MetaQuotes forced the brokers to use MT4 instead of MT3 so it was same case and same discussion: "MT3 is the best", and "most of the people must use MT3 together with Windows '95" ...

I am still considering Windows '95 with Pentium I is the best Windows in the world up to now ... but I can not use it because most of the programms will not work in '95 ...
Same with MT4/MT5: many new features will not work with MT4.

You can see here - I traded Ichimoku EA on Metatrader 3 (in 2005):

Many people who posted about "Metatrader 3 is the best compare with MT4" - they gone from the market because they were not important/significant guys to listen their opinion about Metatrader. We should listen the people who started the forex with Metatrader 3 and who are still on the market.

So, I can compare MT3 with MT4 and with MT5. And I understand about people's inertia very well.
And I think - Metatrader 5 is the best one.




thanks for the comments guys, okay so it looks like a ossible RAM issue, ill have a look at purchasing more but it seems to be programmed to just use every bit of processing power your computer has.

something interesting i found shortly after i made this forum is that i would turn on the cloud for testing and it would run fine so then what i did is turn the cloud on, started running the test and then whilst it was still testing i then just switched the cloud server off meaning all the processing power then switched back over to my local cores and had no crash?

possibility that mt5 maybe programmes it so your computer doesnt test to the best ability if your not using there cloud service / spending money which they make $$$$ from? 

just a thought , but is interesting, have a go and see if the same applies for you