Moderators Please Check This Out

Hi there, I am opening this thread because maybe you mods can do something about it.

This guy here is spamming the comment section of my product page with abusive comments. Check this out, 95% of the comments are his spam.

It is a crazy dude who is looking for some holy grail, in private messages he even told me he is thinking about suicide because of his trading losses. Clearly messed up in the head:

I used the "complain" button on the comments several times, it doesn´t work, does not make any difference.
I will ask admins to look into this.
Eleni Anna Branou #:
I will ask admins to look into this.

Hi, the spammer is back.

He was just waiting for his ban period to end so he could resume his spam saga.

Today he commented again, I Thought you guys had gotten rid of him.

I had told service desk to refund the purchase and remove his access from my product page, because only people who purchased can post, right? Why not simply do that? 

I am telling you, he won't stop, he is crazy. Tomorrow there will be more comments, then next day, and so on...