How long until i am able to use my own signals on MT4?


Hi there, I created two trading signals, which i would like to use on my Mt4.

The thing is, they are not public yet due to some specifications i am not aware of.

I don't necessarily need them to be public at all but would very much like to be able to use them right away for myself.

The problem i am facing is, when i click on the button "copy" and then on the button in the popup screen "Start copying in MetaTrader", my meta trader doesn't open.

I am running it on Mac OS Big Sur.

Does it have to do with the fact i am using mac or because it's not public yet?

Is there a workaround to start using my own signal immediately?

I also wonder, why i can't see the signals i created and marked as favourites on mql5 site in the favourites section when i am on metatrader and log into my mql5 account...

Please help!

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