Members Are Ready for the Affiliate Program


Three weeks ago we have launched a survey on Its results will affect the implementation of the affiliate program. We have tried to figure out if sellers are willing to share their profits with members promoting their products. The question was: "Will you participate in affiliate program?" Most respondents answered positively and confirmed their willingness to share their margin with affiliates. The poll results are as follows: 65% of respondents are willing to participate in the program, while 35% are not.

Thus, we have found out that members are interested in the affiliate program. Besides, we have asked several active MQL5 Market sellers and Signals providers to share their opinions on the program. We wanted to know if they are willing to give some part of their profit to the affiliates, what kind of program they find most acceptable and what should be taken into consideration during its implementation. You can find their opinions below.


Member of MQL5 Market's TOP-10
Founder of Trajecta - Brazilian trading robots developing company

I believe this is a very relevant opportunity to fill our mission and to improve our products and systems. In my opinion, all affiliate programs here are welcome and a positive step to improve the quality and revenue share of trading signals and applications.


I see great opportunities to work together on new ideas based on the affiliates' opinions and overcome difficulties in selling our systems, so I believe this is a focus point.


Member of MQL5 Market's TOP-10
Seller of Moment Catcher, which is the most expensive Expert Advisor ever sold in the Market ($3 000)

I would willingly share a reasonable part of my profits for actual sales of my EAs and/or Signals (Cost Per Sale) and not just for the traffic generated by the affiliate into MQL5 Market (Cost Per Click programs). This way, the developer earns by a sale that would probably be impossible without the affiliate and the affiliate tries to promote the product in such a way that has an increased probability to end-up in an actual sale (e.g. by targeting visitors of specific background, age etc.) rather than focusing on how to simply transfer the visitor of the site to MQL5 Market to earn the "click" commission.


As I have stated above, only a program that has the potential to increase the actual sales would be of my interest (and for that program I would accept to share profits). The actual program can be good for both worlds (developer and affiliate) since the actual commission could be scaled based e.g. on the volume of sales (for instance an affiliate that generated 5 sales in a month or more would get a bigger commission than the one that generates 1 sale).

Otherwise (if it is a simple CPC affiliate program) it could be hard to be controlled (spam e-mails, social media bloating etc.) and would probably damage the actual value of the product itself.

Developers (Sellers) will need to have a good picture of affiliate statistical data (traffic generated, actual sales per affiliate etc.) in order to be able to track and validate the commissions withheld and in general to be in a good position to evaluate the affiliate program as a whole.


Member of MQL5 Market's TOP-10

His MetaQuant Expert Advisor has taken the 10th place on АТС 2010 and is very popular among traders

I will gladly participate in the affiliate program. I think it is a very useful and necessary thing for all the community members. Of course, I am willing to share my profits. I will be very happy if I am able to set different amounts of payment for different products/signals. I think, a single payment rate is not a very good option. We need the ability to specify the individual payoff amount for each definite partner (I think, you know what I mean - there are very popular and important web resources and all sellers will be happy to see their products there).


Besides, you should prevent using the program for some inappropriate purposes, as well as discourage all attempts of fraud. Another important issue is security. is now a secure and reliable web resource all users can rely on. Keep up the good work!


Provider of Toy Joy and Toy joy forex signals


I am interested in the affiliate program. It would be nice to have a choice: to pay a profit share for placing widgets (for example, per month) or to pay some percentage value from the subscription fee of the subscribers attracted by the promoter.


Provider of Xenta and Denta signals

No, I am not going to participate in the affiliate program.

First, I agree with two comments at the appropriate forum topic stating that a good product needs no excessive promotion. Such promotion may create a negative impression about the product's quality.

Second, I would like to work with some definite group of subscribers possessing basic knowledge and skills. Such subscribers will hardly be clicking on dubious Forex-like banners only because they promise fabulous profits. Instead of doing this and complaining about "huge drawdown" a bit later, they will just look at the source web site (by hovering mouse over the banner and looking at the root domain) and analyze all available data. Therefore, it is much better for me to have a certain number of constant subscribers instead of the vast amount of customers appearing and then leaving in a week/month just because they have not received the same amount of profit they made during the most profitable week/month for the whole time of signal's operation.

Third, why should I sell cheap when I can sell at a better price? I do not have reason to share my profit, so far. 

Finally, I am already participating in the "affiliate program" paying 20% of the profit. I am quite satisfied with it and I think it is enough for me for now. :)

I understand that each reason is debatable but that is my current point of view based on my experience. Also, I am not going to sell trading applications via your service in the short run. Therefore, I evaluate the possibility of my participation in the affiliate program only as a signals provider. At the same time, I fully support the idea of ​​such a program and I believe that it will be useful for all members of the community including me even without my participation.


Provider of FOREX NAVIGATOR signals

This is how I see it:

  1. Pay-per-click is inefficient (there will be many attempts to drive up the number of clicks) 
  2. Paid displays are also not suitable (unprofitable)
  3. Pay-per-action (this kind of the affiliate program is more suitable for your company)
  4. Commissions charged for the sales of signals or any other product placed on MetaQuotes Software Corp. web resources. I would have chosen this type of the affiliate program if I were you.


Here are the main points developers should pay attention to: 

  1. Note that there is a possibility of multilevel program.
  2. Ability for an affiliate to select a promotion material - from banners to 3D.
  3. Secure operations.
  4. It would be nice to have the program in the terminal as a separate tab next to the signals. The tab may be called "Partner", for instance. It would be an additional and efficient tool for attracting people and funds.
  5. Consider the issue of withdrawal of the affiliates' funds from the web resource and various cash flows between the program participants on your web sites (including different payment systems). In addition, note that affiliates may start using your resources starting from MQL5 Market and ending with TeamWox (in other words, all technical aspects should also be considered).
  6. There are many popular web sites devoted to affiliate programs with lots of experienced professionals. All these web sites have their own client bases. Thus, it would be a good move to advertise your program there (starting with signals, for instance). You may even pay some reasonable money to promote the program up to the recommended one.


Provider of Grider 3, Grider 3 MT4 и Grider 3v1 signals

I believe that everyone should mind their own business - programmers should write applications, traders should trade, while sellers should sell. A programmer trying to sell something can hardly be more efficient than a seller trying to develop an application. Keeping this in mind, I think that products/signals should be promoted by those who can do that. When I start distributing my signals on a commercial basis, I will gladly share my profit and offer favorable conditions to sellers. Besides, I have three interesting products that are almost ready for the market. The introduction of the affiliate program will encourage me to complete them and place them on the market. Introduction of the affiliate program will allow users to distribute products not only on the web site of my partners but also on many others (we cannot keep track of what web sites have been used by some definite visitors, while it would be inefficient to use some tricky means of sales protection, as the excellent market mechanism already exists).


It would be nice to bind an affiliate to some definite product\signal and generate an affiliate web link\widget with the ability to specify payment for each affiliate. The offer can be public or private (if you have created a product for a certain member). A public offer can be accepted by any community member. Affiliate moves should be "remembered" for some time (I think, one month is enough). To achieve this, you may use not only browser cookies. The fact that a user has activated an affiliate web link can also be stored on the web site itself. That will work for registered users, of course. The payment for affiliates should be made automatically. Partnership conditions can be worsened only after one month from the moment the appropriate change has been declared ("Change conditions" button) and the appropriate notification has been sent to the affiliate (this period can be reduced with the consent of the affiliate). If a user has several affiliate links, the partner with the earliest link receives payment. It is also necessary for an affiliate to see how often his or her web links have been activated, as well as to view a sales report. Both types of data should contain overall values and the values on definite products.

Particular attention should be paid to the affiliate program's ease of use (registration - becoming a partner - receiving a web link\widget - placing on the web site - making profit). As far as technical issues are concerned, I believe MetaQuotes can cope with them without my advice.


Thus, the affiliate program sparked interest of signals providers and Market sellers, as it allows them to do what they are good at, while other members are engaged in promoting their products. Much attention is paid by sellers to security issues and prevention of possible fraud attempts.

There are also those who are not yet ready to participate in the affiliate program. They believe that good products do not need promotion. Moreover, excessive advertising can damage their reputation. Besides, some participants are reluctant to expand their client bases by subscribers who will unsubscribe in a week or two after failing to achieve desired results in a short time. Of course, we respect their opinion.

We, in turn, inform that the affiliate program will be launched in the near future and the opinion of sellers will certainly be taken into account during the program's implementation. All the details concerning the program will soon be available.

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Paulo Oliveira  
I think the  affiliate service fantastic, I  as a customer would be very happy to indicate my friends and also earn money through this indications.

My suggestion is MetaQuotes bring yourself the responsibility of the affiliate service, and not every developer has their number of affiliates. MetaQuotes should create a service using the system Multilevel affiliation. Some of the world's largest companies selling Direct grew this way: Herbalife, Mary Kay,  Avon, Primeric a Financial Services Inc, Tupperware Brands Corp, etc  ....

I have some suggestions on how this system would work. I am available to exchange ideas.

"Smart people talk about ideas, mediocre people talk about people"

Paulo Oliveira  
I respect the conservatives postures, but fortunately or unfortunately, is personal opinion, nothing in the universe is static, including the our very small life here on planet Earth, so naturally the market interest by MetaQuotes, where it is the creator of MT4 and MT5 Platform,  very  fair  they enrich, and  enriching the lives of many others.

I believe there is a way to solve this situation of principles on which this forum was idealized , where today you are moderator, and really moderate  today the MetaQuotes  forum is a hard work and expends a lot of personal time.

My suggestion is to dismember the MetaQuotes, could be created "MQL5 Business Portal".

MQL5 Comumunity continues to discuss the financial market and the use of their platforms.

"MQL5 Business Portal" will be used with the commercial finality: signals provider, to sales EA, Indicators, service software development, affiliation network and others...

Bharamappa Gojanur  
I can not afford to purchase an EA i love. But if affiliate system comes i can work hard to earn affiliate comission to sell the same EA and then can purchase it myself one fine day. hopes :)
Sergey Golubev  
Vijaykumar Jayantilal Panchal #:
Very Nice Idea.....What is the Process to get the Affiliate benefits ?
Affiliate program was closed long time ago:
Affiliate program in Market and Signals to be closed - Affiliate, Market and Signals to be closed soon
Affiliate program in Market and Signals to be closed - Affiliate, Market and Signals to be closed soon
  • 2015.12.21
Affiliate program in market and signals to be closed. Community services, the affiliate program is to be closed soon. But i think, mql5 should take more stable option for affiliate market. Форум по трейдингу, автоматическим торговым системам и тестированию торговых стратегий