Double Trade in my Account when a signal just opens one Trade


Hi guys,

maybe you could help me with the following issue:

I subscribed to a Signal on MetaTrader5 and a VPS-Server 3 months ago. Till this week everything went really fine and my account copied all trades from the signal 1 on 1.

Now there were some trades, where the signal only opened 1 trade, but my account opend 2 trades with the same magic-number. 

Do you know, why this issue does appear? It`s "dangerous", because i`m bearing double risks in comparison to the signal, when my account opens 2 instead of 1 trade.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for your fast answer. 

My journal does say the following:

2022.11.17 16:13:20.969  0 charts, 0 EAs, 0 custom indicators, signal enabled, last known ping to Access Server - NY1 is 0.65 ms

If I read your describtion right, this should be the right configuration.

In my options, there is the tick for "enabling realtime signal subscribtion". The fact everything worked well for months and that it only started 3 days ago makes me wonder, because i can`t remember to ever looked into the options again to tick the "Enable realtime signal subcribtion" again... 

But in case I did, how can i re-do it? Because if I untick the buttom, the two other boxes below turning grey and i can`t tick them.

Hope you could understand that..