How MT5 calculates profit per trade?



I've spent quite a while trying to work this out, it's probably something obvious, hence asking here (+ I'm a newbie!). ChatGPT is confused about this as well, as there's some variable I'm lacking. Any thoughts?

Given these figures shown in the toolbar, how is the Profit of 8.46 arrived at? 

Symbol: GBP/USD
Type: Sell
Volume: 0.3 (lot size)
Sell Price: 1.24121
Take Profit (T/P): 1.24095
Buy Back Price: 1.24086
Commission: -1.50 (negative value indicates a deduction)
Profit: 8.46

Many thanks


What currency is your account in?

Good point, it's in GBP
chaz1234 #:
Good point, it's in GBP

GBP/USD -->FirstSymbol=GBP SecondSymbol=USD  ##trading is earn(or lost) the SecondSymbol.

Sell, 1.24121-> 1.24095(or  1.24086?not sure now ) ,means you had earn 1.24121 - 1.24095( 1.24086 ) =0.00026 (0.00035)USD for every GBP.

and you trade for 0.3*100000(lotsize)=30000 GBP

so you profit for this trade is 30000*0.00026(0.00035)=7.8 (10.5)USD

if you  account currency is USD,it is end here.

but you are in GBP,so it have to turn it into GBP.

when the trade close,the price is GBP/USD = 1.24095 (tp) ,means 1GBP=1.24095USD right?

so ,that is 7.8(10.5)/1.24095=6.29(8.46)

ok ..well..your broker is base on the Buy Back Price .