MarketInfo function in mql5


what is the equal of this mql4 code in mql5 :

double  PointValuePerLot(string pair="") {

    if (pair == "") pair = Symbol();
    return(  MarketInfo(pair, MODE_TICKVALUE)/ MarketInfo(pair, MODE_TICKSIZE) ); // Not Point.

This is valid for both MQL5 and MQL4+ ...

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Symbol Point Value

Fernando Carreiro, 2022.05.18 21:05

   dbTickSize   = SymbolInfoDouble( _symbol, SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_SIZE  ), // Tick size
   dbTickValue  = SymbolInfoDouble( _symbol, SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE ), // Tick value
   dbPointSize  = SymbolInfoDouble( _symbol, SYMBOL_POINT ),            // Point size
   dbPointValue = dbTickValue * dbPointSize / dbTickSize;               // Point value
Remember, it's best to use tick size and tick value in your calculations, instead of point size and its value.