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i_EF_distance: Indicator i_EF_distance. Author: John Smith
Kwan: Indicator Kwan. Author: John Smith
Elder Impulse System: Indicator Elder Impulse System. Author: John Smith
Indicator of Support Line: It draws the support line basing on two last lower fractals. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Idicator of Resistance Line: It draws the resistance line basing on two last upper fractals. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Decema: Indicator Decema. Author: John Smith
Percentage Oscillator of Price: A percentage price oscillator allows you to compare the time periods independently on the price. Author: Grigori Minassian
MACDVesrion2_MOD: MACDVersion2_ Mod is amodification of MACDVersion2 to show some additional information. Author: No_More
EMA CROSS: Expert Advisor EMA_CROSS. Author: Collector
STLM hist: Indicator STLM_hist. Author: Collector
Relax & GoToSleep - Very Interesting Indicator!!!: A very interesting indicator. It gives trading signals!!! A unique system of forecasting is based on a floating moving average! Author: Сергей
Vegas: Indicator Vegas. Author: Collector
New article HTML Walkthrough Using MQL4 has been published: HTML is nowadays one of the wide-spread types of documents. MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal allows you to save statements, test and optimization reports as .htm files. It is sometimes necessary to get information from such files in an MQL4...
The Indicator of the Difference Between the Open Price of the Last Bar and the Close Price of the Previous Bar: The indicator shows the difference between the open price of the zero bar and the close price of the first bar in points at the top-left corner of the main window. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Divergence Trader: Expert Advisor Divergence Trader. Author: Collector
FiboRetracement: Indicator FiboRetracement. Author: Collector
An Indicator of Difference Between Open and Close Prices: The indicator that shows the difference between the open and close prices in the form of a histogram. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Service Scripts for МТ4.: A set of scripts that are intended for the automation of some routine operations in the terminal. Author: Ильнур Иксанов
Price Channel: Indicator Price Channel. Author: Collector
TicksInMySQL: Expert Advisor TicksInMySQL. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
DFC Next: Indicator DFC Next. Author: Collector
Prototype-IX. An Exemplary Multicurrency EA: It is shown how you can open positions for 12 symbols available and for 4 timeframes using only one EA attached to only one chart. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
TSI-Osc: Indicator TSI-Osc. Author: Collector
New article Expert Advisors Based on Popular Trading Strategies and Alchemy of Trading Robot Optimization (Cont.) has been published: In this article, the author proposes the way of improving trading systems presented in his previous articles. The article is of interest for traders already having...
Delta Force.: Indicator Delta Force. Author: Collector
Fisherorg_v1: Indicator Fisherorg_v1. Author: Collector
New article How to Write Fast Non-Redrawing ZigZags has been published: A rather universal approach to writing indicators of the ZigZag type is proposed. The method includes a significant part of ZigZags already described and allows you to create new ones relatively easily. First of all, let's try...
CloseAllBuySell: The script closes all opened Buy and Sell positions in the active window. Author: Андрей
StopLossMove: The script moves the StopLoss at the Distance from the market. Author: Андрей
Open SELL: The script opens a SELL position with the specified part of the FreeMargin. Author: Андрей