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ASC++: Expert Advisor ASC++. Author: John Smith
Indicator Impulse CD: Indicator Impulse CD, an extension of the impulse approach. Author: Sergey Kazachenko
Daily range: Forecasting of price daily ranges. This indicator shows the resistance and support levels of the current day. Author: John Smith
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Eugene: The minimums and maximums of the previous day are used. Im sorry that I wrote it without comments. Author: Евгений
Expert Advisor Based on FXRaider's Trade Strategy: Expert Advisor Based on FXRaiders Trade Strategy by Author: Юрий
Moving Average Based on Demark's Approaches: The drawing of the moving average is performed on the basis of Demarks method "Daily Range Projections". Indicator on a zero bar points at the future price change. Author: IURII TOKMAN
CLEAR_CHART_ON_NAME_AND_TYPE : The script selectively clears the chart by the part of the name and/or by the type of the object. Author: Aleksandr Pak
Pipsing_Close_on_DROP: The script closes any position using the DragnDrop method, i.e. the method of "drag the script with the mouse and drop it on the order lines". Author: Aleksandr Pak
Brakeout_Trader_v1.mq4: EA that opens a trade when a candlestick closes out of the specified level on a break through. An update to the graphical treminal. But the help in code further development is necessary. Author: sky
SimpleTrade - high profit!: Trading by a simple principle Author: Oleksandr
Indicator MACD TrackTrend Colored: I made this indicator colored at Zets request. Author: Duke3D
Script s_FlatEfficiency_v1: The script is intended for gathering some statistics by the symbols and its comparison. Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
Math System-Trader: An effective trade system, it determines the levels of support/resistance, rollback, trend reverse by a complex mathematical algorithm. Author: John Smith
iTREND_alexcud: It uses three timeframes to determine a trend. Author: Watashi
CandlesticksCW: The indicator is based on CandlesticksBW. It colors the japanese candlesticks by B. Williams displaying the "black" and "white" candlesticks. Author: Watashi
2_Otkat Sys v1.1: The 2_Otkat_Sys_v1.1. expert advisor. The system from thursday to friday on 0(МТ) hours, it trades only on a reverse. Author: John Smith
Batterwort Moving Average: It represents a standard MovingAverage indicator with the function of smoothing by the second-order Butterworth filter added. Author: YUBA
GRFLeadingEdge : Indicator of Bollinger bands. Author: John Smith
Rabbit3 £100 start Zero to Hero Updated: Rabbit 2 updated with correct set! Author: Peter
i-CAi: The indicator shows the break through line. Author: John Smith
Y(Efekt): The indicator shows the probabilistic reverses. Author: John Smith
Trade Channel: The indicator of Fibo levels and arcs drawing. Author: John Smith
ZerolagStochs: An analogue of the intersection of two stochastics. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
GraphOnGraph: A simple indicator that displays the chart of the symbol in the window of another symbol. Author: Oleksandr
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HTH Trader: Hedge The Hedge Trader EA Author: c0d3
Trend ManagerNT: Indicator TrendManagerNT. Author: John Smith
NewTrend_v1: Indicator NewTrend_v1. Author: John Smith
Pivot Mid Support Historical.v1: Indicator Pivot Mid Support Historical.v1 Author: John Smith
20 pips a day opposite "yesterday's trend": Improved version of 10 pips a day opposite "yesterdays trend" EA Author: slacktrader
Turtle Channel Method (Donchain).: One of the varieties of the price channel. Author: John Smith