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FiboPiv_Daily_DK: The indicator FiboPiv_Daily_DK. Author: Bartek
Corelation: The indicator is intended for searching the correlations between different symbols. It allows to overlay one chart with another to visually detect how do different symbols correlate between each other. Author: Borys
Kanal_Ant: The indicator of MA-channel allows to analyse the dynamics of the price by using the technique of A_Vlad (, the gist of it is the line of balance LB acts as the attraction of price when there is no external influence. Author: Виктор Александрович
OzFx Signals v1.7: The indicator OzFx Signals v1.7. Author: John Smith
The implementation of MACD pattern "Prodolzheniye trenda" ("Trend continuation"). Excellent results.: The pattern of trend continuation. By the FOREX MACD H4 strategy. Author: Юрий
sell zone fibs: The indicator "sell zone fibs". Author: John Smith
Orders management: The library contains the functions that ease the writing of EAs. Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
DayBorders. The borders of the previous calendar day for the trading by Larry Williams.: The script automates the drawing of time lines of opening/closing of a calendar day and the price lines of opening/closing of the days. Author: Aleksandr Pak
Trand: An indicator to discover the trend/flat and fallacious technical data. Author: Victor Chebotariov
LRMA BB: A moving average calculated according to the method of the linear regression and complemented buy the Bollinger bands. Author: Alexandre
AllAverages_v1: The AllAverages_v1 indicator. Author: John Smith
Pipsover: A pipser. Author: Yury Reshetov
Hystogram of levels: The indicator displays the statistics of maximums and minimums in the form of a hystogram located to the left of the chart in the chart window. Author: Харитонов А.В.
CCI CustomCandles: The CCI CustomCandles indicator. Author: John Smith
Rads MACD: The Rads MACD indicator. Author: John Smith
AutoDayFibs: Automatically draws Fibonacci Retracement lines from yesterdays range, or todays range. Author: Jason Robinson
DoubleCCI_Woodies: A two CCI with the coloured trend bars Author: Jason Robinson
Coloured Days on Chart: This indicator separates the days into two different colours on the chart. Author: Jason Robinson
Multi pair MACD: The Multi pair MACD indicator. Another variant of MACD, shows the signals for the following pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD и USDCAD. Author: John Smith
MACD_Colored_v103: A new version of indicator MACD Colored. Author: John Smith
New article The Statistic Analysis of Market Movements and Their Prognoses has been published: The present article contemplates the wide opportunities of the statistic approach to marketing. Unfortunately, beginner traders deliberately fail to apply the really mighty science of statistics....
Indicator WSO + WRO + Trend Line: The indicator is almost 2 years old. I didnt lay it out, because I had no idea of how to use it. Author: Sergey
MoR: The indicator MoR. Author: John Smith
MacdPatternTraderv04. Double peak. From $200 - $1900.: An excellent work for the future. A high profitableness. Author: Юрий
VoltyChannel_Stop_v2.1: Another version of indicator VoltyChannel_Stop. Author: John Smith
gazonkos: EA named "gazonkos" produces small profits, but does it often. Author: Павел Смирнов
PriceTrender2: The indicator is used to check price locations. Author: John Smith
Average Volatility: The script performs the calculation of the average volatility of the symbol on the specified interval. Author: Igor Kim
  Experts: CrossMA  (1)
CrossMA: Almost classical TS based on the intersection of two MA. Author: George F.Peskov
ModifyOrder: The modification of an order (position) using the mouse - the second script from the "GMO" ("Graphical Management of Orders") series. Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii