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Fast_oscilator_2: A fast oscillatorб also suited for scalping. Author: Rustamzhan Salidzhanov
Levels_A_Vlad: The indicator shows support/resistance levels calculated using the methods by V.B. Antonov (A_Vlad). Author: Андрей
BHS system: A system based on "round" numbers. Author: Юрий
New article Metalanguage of Graphical Lines-Requests. Trading and Qualified Trading Learning has been published: The article describes a simple, accessible language of graphical trading requests compatible with traditional technical analysis. The attached Gterminal is a half-automated Expert...
Rooks Returned: One more interpretation of the well-known ZigZag. The indicator is written to work according the trading system described here: The indicator works with ZigZag by Rosh (Zigzag2_R_). Author: Rustamzhan Salidzhanov
Short-Term Trends: A trading strategy that works with short-term trends. Author: Юрий
MTS "MoneyRain": This is an EA that increases the lot size after each profitable trade if it follows some losing trades. Author: Yury Reshetov
1-2-3: A realization of the method described at The author of the realization is not the author of the method, so I dont vouch for the realization correctness. Author: Martes
Clear Exchange Transactions: The indicator prints net positions for all currencies in the screen. This is a monitor of a multicurrency portfolio. Author: Demonzero
GA ind 2 color: This indicator has already been placed here. This given modification is more visual. Author: Алексей
OSC-MTF_CF_SYSv1.1: Indicator OSC-MTF_CF_SYS-v1.1 Author: John Smith
Squize_MA: Indicator Squize_MA. Author: John Smith
BBflat_sw: Simple indicator BBflat_sw. Author: John Smith
Signal_Bars_MFI: The indicator displays helpful information for the trader. Author: John Smith
Indicator Impulse CDC (Color): Indicator Impulse CD (Color) is a sequel of impulse approach. By users requests, colors and signal line are added. Author: Sergey Kazachenko
PrintText: A toy script that demonstrate the way of displaying some text information in a chart. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Percent_Levels: The script draws a set of up/down levels that are at a certain-percentage distance from the price of the bar selected by user. Author: Aleksandr Pak
ZZ_All Quotings 0-0080: A script aimed at loading of history for all available currency pairs, metals, indexes, CFD, and at checking of history for "holes". Author: Vadim Zhunko
Flatter_V1: The script places stop orders. The orders are placed for the market/pending orders specified in custom variables High (variable Hi) and Low (variable Lo). Author: rosych
VLT_TRADER: The system is based on volatility compression. Author: Юрий
Pipsing_Setup_Buy_Sell : Three scripts for quick preparation and manual placing of trade orders. Author: Aleksandr Pak
_Fibo_Pivot_multiVal: A multi-currency Expert Advisors aimed at trading on Asian sessions. Author: Alexey Klenov
  Experts: Universum 3.0 (13   1 2)
Universum 3.0: An EA that increases the order volume after each losing trade. Author: Yury Reshetov
Specification: An example of using graphical object OBJ_LABEL for tabular display. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Visual Start: A code/method to test the redrawing indicators, by the example of FxmFish Author: Aleksandr Pak
Hercules A.T.C. 2006 EA: High-Probability Breakout EA with very favorable risk:reward ratio. Author: Vince Wells
MA.S.R_Trading: The strategy underlying this EA is based on the indicator of MA. Author: Юрий
up3x1_premium_v2M: This automated trading system is intended for working with the currency pair of eur/usd in the one-hour chart. Excellent results. Author: PPP
TREND_alexcud v_2: The EA is based on the indicator TREND_alexcud Something goes wrong with it Author: Денис
RoundLevels: Indicator RoundLevels draws two "round" nearest levels above and below the current price level. Short English comments are in the MQ4 file. Author: Martes