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Internal Bar Strength (IBS): It is calculated as the moving average of the values of the internal bars strength. Author: John Smith
Upload Export : The UploadExport script is a universal program tool. It is developed to ease the working of the analyst and the trader with regard to the daily routine actions of wave analysis using the ELWAVE program. Author: John Smith
New article To Sleep, or Not to Sleep? has been published: An alternative use of the Sleep() function in the realization of pauses between EAs actions is proposed. The approach under consideration allows a smart use of machine time. Author: Sergey Gridnev
VKWBIBS: The WKBIBS indicator is a new generation oscillator with combined functions of two indicators WKB and IBS. Author: John Smith
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e-CA: You can take the guaranteed 50-60-100 pips if you enter from the flat. Author: John Smith
A Sample: Matrix processing: Code Sample Author: Airat Safin
Indexes_v4: Indicator Indexes_v4. It shows the motion pattern of two or more indexes on a single chart. Author: John Smith
Bill Willams. The Chaos Theory. Signals "Saucer" for Buying/Selling: An EA by the "Saucer" pattern. Author: Юрий
Bill Williams. The Chaos Theory. The First Dimensions of the Market: An EA by the first dimension of the market. Author: Юрий
MultiStrend: Indicator MultiStrend. It works only with the Supertrend indicator. Author: John Smith
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NonLagAMA: This indicator is an adaptation of NONLagDOT. It indicates the direction of the AMA slope without any lag. It works best when use on the 30 minutes charts. Author: edwin
JimsCloseOrders: Simple EA to Close Orders Author: James Malwitz
Order Closer Scripts: Scripts to Close Orders under various conditions Author: James Malwitz
Indicator MACD TrackTrend: The indicator that shows the direction of the trend on all timeframes in one window of the chart. Author: Duke3D
Bull vs Medved: The EA for H4, its shooted in for GBPUSD. It works with pending orders. It makes decisions by the simple combinations of candlesticks. The feature is the decision is made once in four hours and the SL and TP levels are placed in accordance with the the s Author: Андрей
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Swetten: EA with a neuro net (a net with error back propagation). These are the firsts steps. I upload it for the intelligent criticism. Author: Светлана
Stochastic Net: Stochastic net for the the classification problems with the instruction provided. Author: Denis
AudioPrice Revision 1: Have audio output of latest price in stereo! Revised to cater for fractional pips as now offered by some brokers to MT4. Author: Edward Hirsch
A Sample: Lot size adjusting: Code sample Author: Airat Safin
A Sample: Lot size computing: Code sample Author: Airat Safin
A Sample: Chart metrics: Code sample Author: Airat Safin
Drag & drop scripts to modify all orders of a currency: You pick the script and drag it on a charts point. Then it uses this point to modify all stop/take profit levels of the charts currency. Author: Joao Rosas
A Sample: Tick counter: Code sample Author: Airat Safin
A System: Championship 2008 Revised Edit: Automatic Trading System Author: Airat Safin
Percenter.mqh - Calculator-Script: The script is the calculator of the simple, complex, nominal and continuously charged percents. Author: Nazariy Stapyak
Standard OsMA indicator: Standard OsMA indicator with the indication of the possible trade signals. Author: IURII TOKMAN
ind_HotKeys_v1: An example of automatic running of the script when the timeframe or symbol is changed. Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
Strategy of Regularities of Exchange Rates: Two orders are placed at the specific time. Author: Юрий
Smoothed RSI indicator: Smoothed RSI indicator with the sound signalling of crossing the level 50. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Pivots_Test: We place the pending orders at the support and resistance levels. Author: Maksim Zerkalov