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BB-HL: Indicator BB-HL Author: John Smith
B WImp - T01: Indicator B WImp - T01. Author: John Smith
StoneAxe_x4x: StoneAxe_x4x indicator. Author: John Smith
Simply MA wrong: Simply MA wrong indicator. Author: John Smith
NR4ID ATR: NR4ID-ATR indicator. Author: John Smith
Frama Indicator: The fractal dimension value is used to build an EMA-like moving average. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Indicator of Volatility Change: Volatility is a standard deviation. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
ZigzagPoints - A Script for Indicator Zigzag to Measure the Way: It measures all sections that join the ZigZag breaks, the resulting values are given in points. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
NRMA: NRMA is the famous indicator by Konstantin Kopyrkin. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Chaikin's Volatility - CHV: The volatility indicator by Chaikin accounts for the spread changes between the maximal and minimal prices. It defines the volatility value based on the range width between the maximum and minimum. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Accumulative Swing Index - ASI: Accumulative Swing Index is used to analyze futures. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
To pump over all quotations.: The script pumps over all quotations. Author: John Smith
TimeSuite: Library of functions usefull for time calculations and determining if a report is imminent. Author: Edward Hirsch
OrdersSuite: Functions for processing the orders of Spot currency pairs, Spot Gold and Spot Silver with error handling. Author: Edward Hirsch
RoundPriceExp: RoundPriceExp indicator. Author: John Smith
True Scalper Profit Lock: Advisor True Scalper Profit Lock. Author: John Smith
TradePrice-T03: TradePrice-T03 indicator. Author: John Smith
Res-Sup: The indicator shows the channel Author: John Smith
Pivot RS Session: Pivot RS Session indicator. Shows trading sessions. Author: John Smith
Din Fibo Next: The indicator shows the channel Author: John Smith
СwlxBW5Zone: CwlxBW5Zone indicator. Author: John Smith
BBand Width Ratio: Indicator BBand Width Ratio. Author: John Smith
i-RoundPrice-T01m: Indicator i-RoundPrice-T01m Author: John Smith
iFXAnalyser: Indicator iFXAnalyser Author: John Smith
iMA Cross: Indicator iMA Cross Author: John Smith
iMA_Fibs: Indicator iMA Fibs. Author: John Smith
At_Itp(t)Env: At_Itp(t)Env indicator. Author: John Smith
Trend Me Leave Me: Advisor Trend Me Leave Me. Author: John Smith
Darvas Boxes: The indicator shows the channel. Author: John Smith
KLines: KLines indicator. Author: John Smith