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ShadeNY: The indicator of trading sessions. Author: John Smith
StepMA_v6: The indicator of trading system pabloski. Author: John Smith
DayImpulseOverlay: The indicator shows the forecast for 12 bars forward. Author: John Smith
Trend: Defines intensity and a direction of a trend. Author: John Smith
Urovny: The indicator draws levels. Author: John Smith
StepRSI_v2: The indicator of trading system pabloski. Author: John Smith
KiS_max_min_Avg: The indicator showing channels. Author: John Smith
GannSwings: Updating of version VIII. Author: John Smith
Digital MACD: One more version of the digital indicator. Author: John Smith
FlatTrend: The indicator shows the beginning and the end flet. Author: John Smith
Din fibo high: One of versions of channel DiNapoli. Author: John Smith
VolumeMA: Volume with Custom Moving Average. Author: John Smith
3 MA Cross w_Alert v2: The alarm indicator 3MA Cross w_Alert v2. Author: John Smith
ACD_2.mq4: The indicator shows levels of support/resistance. Author: John Smith
MA-Crossover_Alert: Shows arrows crossing of two МА. Author: John Smith
Today Trend: Shows on a probable trend for a day. Author: John Smith
SilverTrend_Signal: Indicator SilverTrend Signal. Author: John Smith
MBKAsctrend3times: Indicator MBKA sctrend 3times. Author: John Smith
Phoenix_4_CONTEST: Indicator Phoenix 4 CONTEST. Author: John Smith
PIPQind: Indicator PIPQind. Author: John Smith
Waddah Attar Weekly Fibo Indicator : This Indicator Draws 7 Level Of weekly Fibo With Back Test. Author: waddah attar
Chaikin: Chaikin Indicator. Author: Yury Reshetov
Risk Advisor: Risk advisor script based on balance Risk Percent. Author: T-1000
New article Displaying a News Calendar has been published: This article contains the description of writing a simple and convenient indicatordisplaying in a working area the main economic events from external Internet resources.The indicator's operation looks like this: Here is a list of...
Signal Direction Probability: Graphs correlation between percent change of the price signal, and the price signal, to determine high probability of current price signal direction. Author: c0d3
R - Squared indicator: r-squared indicator Author: onur sirek
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Lucky: Change the size of lot, add the filter and you will receive a ... winwin2007. Works only at a spread 2. Author: Sergey Artukh
Trading hours: Индикатор Trading hours. Author: John Smith
WcciPaterns Sep: Ещё одна разновидность Индикатора WcciPaterns, только в качестве осциллятора. Author: John Smith
New article Indicator Taichi - a Simple Idea of Formalizing the Values of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. has been published: Hard to interpret Ichimoku signals? This article introduces some principles of formalizing values and signals of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. For visualization of its usage the author chose the...