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New article Expert System 'Commentator'. Practical Use of Embedded Indicators in an MQL4 Program has been published: The article describes the use of technical indicators in programming on MQL4. Author: Andrew Opeyda
New article Synchronization of Expert Advisors, Scripts and Indicators has been published: The article considers the necessity and general principles of developing a bundled program that would contain both an Expert Advisor, a script and an indicator. Author: Сергей Ковалев
Waddah Attar Trend: Indicator Waddah Attar Trend is very simple , very easy to use and very sensetive to buy and sell signals. Author: waddah attar
Waddah_Attar_HTML: This Script creats HTML Report To Your Current Chart. It contains a usefull information. Try it. Author: waddah attar
New article Effective Averaging Algorithms with Minimal Lag: Use in Indicators has been published: The article describes custom averaging functions of higher quality developed by the author: JJMASeries(), JurXSeries(), JLiteSeries(), ParMASeries(), LRMASeries(), T3Series(). The article also...
Symbol Index MA: This indicator shows symbol index with two MA. Author: waddah attar
Bears Bulls Power: This indicators shows Bears Power and Bulls Power in easy way at one window. Author: waddah attar
New article Testing Visualization: Manual Trading has been published: Testing manual strategies on history. Check how your trading algorithm works turning a deaf ear to programming niceties! Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
New article Testing Visualization: Functionality Enhancement has been published: The article describes software that can make strategy testing highly similar to the real trading. Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
New article Testing Visualization: Trade History has been published: The article describes the possibilities of convenient viewing the trade history when visualizing tests. Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
New article Beginners' Mistakes when Working with MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal has been published: Err is human. Everybody makes mistakes: more or less frequently, through ignorance or inadvertently. You ask and we answer your questions about: terminal time, test results, Print in journal, symbols,...
New article Graphic Expert Advisor: AutoGraf has been published: The article shows the workability of graphics in creation of a convenient interface to manage trading. Author: Сергей Ковалев
Account/Symbol Details: Get all the Account and MarketInfo details for a currency pair at a glance. Author: Iggy
New article Trading Tactics on Forex has been published: The article will help a beginning trader to develop trading tactics on FOREX. Author: Victor Chebotariov
  Experts: SMA MultiHedge (12   1 2)
SMA MultiHedge: A kind of hedging style play base on "BaseSymbol" and hedge "Hedge.Symbol" to reduce the risk including the auto-calculate-correlation-function for all BaseSymbol-Hedge.Symbol. Author: chayutra sriboonruang
periodgen: Quckly generate histoircal data from any M1 data such as alpari for all time frames up to D1. Shift Time to suit your server. Author: Iggy
Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence expert advisor. Author: Yury Reshetov
Contrarian trade MA: Contrarian trade using MA indicator And Trendfollow trade using Breakout system Author: Seiji600
ang AZad(C): The Indicator ang_AZad(C) helps to define the dominant trend as ang_Zad(C). Author: Collector
ang Zad(C): The Indicator ang_Zad(C) helps to define the dominant trend. Author: Collector
ang PR (Din)-v1: Indicator ang_PR (Din)-v1 represents an indicator based on polynomial regression. Author: Collector
ang AutoCh HL-v1: The Indicator ang_AutoCh_HL-v1 automatically forms up the equidistant price channel from givenned points. Author: Collector
ZeroLagEA-AIP v0.0.4: The Expert Adviser ZeroLagEA-AIP v0.0.4 uses for calculation of the signal indicator ZeroLag MACD, which is an indicator Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD with zero delay. Author: Collector
DS Stochastic: The Indicator DS_Stochastic presents an original Stochastic Oscillator (Stoch), in which aplying EMA smoothing. Author: Collector
ZeroLag Stochs true: The Indicator ZeroLag Stochs_true is an George C. Lane’s indicator Stochastic Oscillator (Stoch) with zero delay. Author: Collector
Fast Stochastic: The Indicator Fast Stochastic is a kind of George C. Lane’s stochastic oscillator. Author: Collector
ZeroLAG MA: The Indicator ZeroLAG MA is a moving average with zero delay. The Indicator ZeroLAG MA was described in journal Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, April, 2000 for the first time. Author: Collector
10 points 3: The Expert Adviser 10 points 3 uses the histogram of the standard indicator Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD. Author: Collector
New article Secrets of MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal: File Library in MetaEditor has been published: When creating custom programs, code editor is of great importance. The more functions are available in the editor, the faster and more convenient is creation of the program. Many programs are created...
NRTR WATR: Being one of indicators of group NRTR (Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse), the NRTR WATR indicator is a dynamic price channel adapted by volatility. Author: Collector