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InsTrend: The indicator of the instantaneous trend line InsTrend. Author: Collector
TestStops: The script shows the conditions of the correct and closest placing of the StopLoss and TakeProfit of the orders. Author: Renat Fatkhullin
Elliott Wave Oscillator: Elliott Wave Oscillator Author: Collector
iAvgVol: Indicator Average Volume. Author: Collector
New article A Trader's Assistant Based on Extended MACD Analysis has been published: Script 'Trader's Assistant' helps you to make a decision on opening positions, based on the extended analysis of the MACD status for the last three bars in the real-time trading on any timeframe. It can also be...
Camarilladt: Indicator Camarilladt. Author: Collector
Laguerre: Indicator Laguerre. Author: Collector
Ultitimate Oscillator: Indicator Ultitimate Oscillator. Author: Collector
Taf: Indicator Taf. Author: Collector
  Experts: Ravi+AO  (6)
Ravi+AO: A simple EA that uses 2 indicators AO and RAVI (attached) in its working. NOT OPTIMIZED!!! Good results on EUR/USD - H1. Author: shevss
WcciPatterns: Indicator WcciPatterns. See the description at the indicators code itself. Author: John Smith
  Experts: MA2CCI  (3)
MA2CCI: TS based on the intersection of two MAs filtered by the CCI signals. Author: George F.Peskov
ParMA BB: МА on the basis of a parabolic regression with Bollinger bands. Author: Alexandre
Murrey levels: The name is self-explanatory. The error that presented in the previous implementations is corrected here. Author: Vladyslav Goshkov
up3x1 Investor: МТS performs a trading oriented at the panic, publishing of the important economical indexes at the FOREX market. Author: PPP
MATWO: An adjuvant indicator that is based on the moving averages. Author: Victor Chebotariov
AMA Bands: Perry Kaufmans AMA with the double Bollinger bands. Author: Alexandre
Ball: Bollinger bands. Author: Art
New article Method of Determining Errors in Code by Commenting has been published: The article describes a method of searching the errors in the MQL4 code that is based on commenting. This method is found to be a useful one in case of problems occuring during the compilation caused by the errors in...
IsConnected: An EA that writes the time of disconnections from the server into a file. Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
  Experts: Trend RDS  (10)
Trend RDS: This expert dertemines the trend at a specific time then it goes in the opposite side Author: bobby
Fractal_Level_Xrust: It was written at the request of one trader, it draws the horizontal lines at the level of the last fractal upwards and downwards. Author: Rustamzhan Salidzhanov
3LineBreak: An indicator that colors the bars of the bullish trend with the blue color and the bars of the bearish trend with the red color. Author: Collector
Silver-channels: An indicator that is to be placed on the Ichimoku allows to trade both in the trend and in the flat playing mode. Author: Alexandr
Kijun-Tenkan+: Draws separately Kijun and Tenkan lines with the drawing forward on a specified number of periods. Author: Alexandr
  Experts: х1  (3)
х1: A simple indicatorless system based on the adding of the position with a decreased lot until the reaching of the necessary profit level. Author: ЕВГЕНИЙ
New article All about Automated Trading Championship: Additional Materials of Championships 2006-2007 has been published: We present to you a selection of these materials that are divided into several parts. The present one contains additional materials about automated trading, Expert Advisors...
Hemnina: Indicator Hemnina. It is recomendatory. Author: John Smith
Mindhero: Indicator Mindhero. Author: John Smith
Tema_rlh: Indicator Tema_rlh. Author: John Smith