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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Guppy MMA

From this post: Guppy MMA means "Guppy multiple moving average". So, Guppy MMA are those averages (there is no one average but all those averages are the Guppy MMA). Some more information from Daryl Guppy himself (including the way how it should be traded) you can find here :

Forum threads

  • Metatrader 5 versions of indicators ... - the thread with MT5 indicators
  • Guppy Multiple Moving Average (MT4/MT5 indicators/systems)- the key thread
  • Guppy MMA indicators setup as trading system for MT5 (Simple template to trade; indicators: Guppy MMA indicator; Double stochastic; Highs-Lows indicator) - the post to download.
  • 4 Time frame Guppy mma oscillator - the indicator from this post to download (MT4)
  • Guppy MMA of Averages for Metatrader 5 - the indicator from this post to download
  • Guppy Moving Average - old thread with MT4 indicators
  • GMMA Trading System - old development thread for MT4

The articles


============ - GMMA Guppy Multiple Moving Average
This indicator was developed by Daryl Guppy. It is fully explained in TREND TRADING. Captures the inferred behaviour of traders and investors by using two groups of averages. Uses fractal repetition to identify points of agreement and disagreement which precede significant trend changes. Applied to understand the nature and character of the...
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
MetaTrader 4 Help
MetaTrader 4 Help
For making a decision to trade, reliable on-line information is necessary. For that, quotes and news are delivered at the terminal in the real-time mode. On basis of on-line delivered quotes, it is possible to analyze markets using technical indicators and line studies. Expert advisors allow to work off routine of observing markets and the own...
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Complex pairs

The idea of the indicator is to select each currency from currency pairs separately. The currencies are measured in relative units (points). The sum of all currencies at any given time is equal to zero.

The forum

  • Complex pairs color alerts 1 indicator - the post
  • Complex pairs on jurik mtf+arrows+alerts indicator - the post.  It is MTF jurik version of well-known Complex Pairs indicator with arrows, smoothing, interpolated and with all kinds of alert.

The articles




Systems and tools (the forum threads/posts)

  1. Jurik - key thread 
  2. jurik_filter indicator for Metatrader 5 - the post
  3. Metatrader 5 version of Jurik velocity ("smoother moment") - the post.
  4. gann_high_low_activator_-_jurik_smoothed-_mtf indicator and gann_high_low_activator_-_jurik_smoothed_channel_-_mtf indicator - the post.
  5. jurik_filter_simple_1 indicator - the post.
  6. stochastic_on_jurik_smooth and stochastic_on_jurik_smooth_correct indicators - the post.
  7. schaff_trend_cycle_jurik_macd indicator - the post.
  8. Dynamic zones jurik 2 indicator - the post.
  9. jurik_smooth_ribbon indicator - the post
  10. double_smoothed_jurik_filter indicator - the post
  11. jurik_filter_-_separate indicator - the post.
  12. slope_of_jurik indicator - the post.
  13. ddz_jpcci__jpcci_t3ma__alertsdivergence_nmc indicator - the post.
  14. adaptive_gann_high_low_ea-2_1 indicator - the post.
  15. More tools in search here.


  1. Effective Averaging Algorithms with Minimal Lag: Use in Indicators


  1. Smoother std adaptive - indicator for MetaTrader 5
  2. Balance of market power - indicator for MetaTrader 5
  3. Adaptive Smoother - indicator for MetaTrader 5
  4. RSI Floating Levels - indicator for MetaTrader 5
  5. Jurik Velocity - indicator for MetaTrader 5
  6. More tools in search here.
Metatrader 5 versions of indicators ...
Metatrader 5 versions of indicators ...
  • 2009.10.16
Some of you might remember this one : originally it was a part of an expensive system...
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  


The beginning

  1. Correlation indicators: very good thread with some systems, explanations and good usefull indicators.
  2. Chart Transposition Indicator: original thread.
  3. FINEXX Correlation System and EA - the thread 
  4. Currency corelation - the thread.
  5. trend corelation - discussion thread.
  6. Correlation Index - small thread with indicator
  7. complimentary pairs thread 
  8. Cross-Currency Strength: good thread with indicators.
  9. Pearson correlation thread 
  10.  Correlations revisited ... - the thread with interpretations and detailed explanation of 3 prevailing correlations methods with all the particularities and images: Pearson (linear) correlation, Kendall's tau and Spearman's rank correlation
  11. Cluster Indicators thread.
  12. Correlation candles indicator (MT5) - the post. Two possible types of correlation used: Pearson correlation and Spearman correlation
  13. Rank correlations (Pearson and Spearman) indicator (MT5) - the post with original version, the post with fixed version. This indicator is using Pearson correlation and Spearman correlation, besides, it has an option to use some of the 22 price types as well as using floating levels


  1. Correlation system thread
  2. Currency Correlations, Part I - the video
  3. Currency Correlations, Part II - the video 
  4. MFCS Currency Correlation Chart - MT5 CodeBase indicator
  5. MT5 CodeBase on HowTo - post with the articles
  6. Multi currency EA ideas - the thread
  7. Forex Correlation Theory thread
Correlations revisited ...
Correlations revisited ...
  • 2010.02.22
Quite some time ago I was doing some work on Pearson correlation indicator...
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  


The Meters are the indicators programmed in this case to a certain way of presenting data with color and better visuality. Usually we can understand the value of some indicator/trend etc by color changed or some other measurements which we are using in our usual life. So, it is the Meters.

Forum threads

  • key thread 
  • WPR (Williams percent range) Meter - the post. This indicator attached to the chart - is measure the indicator's value by color or many timerames in MTF way. Updated WPR  Meters - the post and the post.
  • Stochastic Meter - the post. It is advanced MTF Meter for Stochastic indicator. Updated - the post.
  • RSI Meter and Smoothed RSI Meter (Ehlers smoothed RSI) - the post. Many traders are using RSI indicator. So, or now - we do not need to switch between timeframes all the time to check the values of this indicator: everything is measuring by color using 1 any timerame in MTF way. The other version - the post. Updated - the post.
  • RSX Meter - the post. It is the meter or RSX indicator with the following external parameters: Parameters specific to RSX meter : RsiLength -> length used for RSX calculation; RsiPrice -> the price to use for calculation. Updated - the post.
  • DeMarker Meter - the post. Many traders are using this standard indicator or trading and technical analysis. For now - we are having the colored meter or this indicator to check the values for different timerames and different trading cases using just 1 Metatrader's window/timerame. Updated - the post.
  • DSS Bressert Meter - the post. Advanced elite members know DSS Bressert indicator. For now - the values of this indicator can be measured by 1 colored multi-timeframe meter used just in 1 window in metarrader. There is smoothing length parameter for this version. Updated - the post.
  • DMX (oma smoothed) Meter - the post. Advanced elite members know this indicator and can download it: DMX indicator is based on a book by Mark Jurik, and One more average DMX indicator is using one more average for smoothing instead of using Jurik smoothing. So, the Meters were programmed or those indicators to measure the values by colors. Updated - the post and the post.
  • Meter Wilders DMI indicator - the post. The idea is following : set the "maximum" for ADX (that would be the usual level break that is used in Wilder's DMI or ADX) DI+ and DI- determines which trend it is : if + is greater than -, it is an uptrend, and vice versa. Updated - the post and the post.



Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

advanced links/threads/tools part #17

various things

VHF smoothed indicator is on this post. Many elite members know Vertical Horizontal Filter (VHF) from elite section of the forum. So, for now - the latest Jurik smoothing version of this indicator was uploaded to advanced elite with some discussion about the differences between VHF smoothed and CFB indicators.

QQE new indicators:

- QQE new indicator is on this post;

- QQE new histo indicator is on this post;

- QQE new histo + alerts indicator is on this post: 2 type of alerts : when QQE line crosses 50 line (alertsSignalLineCross set to false - default setting) or when QQE line crosses signal line (alertsSignalLineCross set to true).

- cfb adaptive qqe histo + alerts indicator is on this post. In this version we have the choice of the 4 different rsi's and the 9 different types of price.

- alb QQE advanced_alerts+arrows indicator is on this post. This is adaptive lookback advanced qqe, with alerts or arrows on slope of the qqe or alerts or arrows on fast slow trend cross, its also multi timeframe.

- cfb_adaptive qqe histo + alerts+arrows indicator is on this post.

- pa adaptive wpr on qqe indicator is on this post. This is pa adaptive wpr on qqe, indicator is multi timeframe with alerts and arrows on slope change or zero cross, also added the divergence. The wpr is being smoothed by same smoothing as original Qqe, instead of my usual favorite.

- dz cfb adaptive qqe histo + alerts+arrows indicator is on this post. It is next version of fa,ous indicator and now - with StartBuyProbability/StartSellProbability dynamic zones.

#MTF SR indicator is on this post. It is support and resistance indicator programmed for advanced elite section as multi timeframe indicator having 8 kinds of alerts totally.

OCO_Visual sript is on this post: sript was fixed to work on 5 digit ECN broker.

RSTL Indicator is on this post. It is the version improved for for MA Period, Shift, and Price Mode.

System Apeiron is on this thread.

Double smoothed jurik filter indicator is on this post. It is not an improvement of jurik filter, but rather a new indicator. Basis for calculation is Jurik filter but I used the idea from double smoothed EMA to see what can we get. And we are getting a much faster filter for longer periods (at short periods results are very similar to jurik filter but the greater the calculation length, double smoothed gets faster and faster compared to the jurik filter itself).

SSA Squeeze of Double Smooth Jurik indicator is on this post. It is very advanced MTF indicator with all kinds of alert.

Channels with ts and ergocci trading systems is on this post. It is the proposed trading system based on TriangularMA centered bands.

Linear regression channel - semi-automatic indicator is on this post. It creates a linear regression channel object on chart and adds 2 lines to it. You can move it around - simply move the regression channel object as any other object, resize it as you wish, it will stay on chart if you change time frames or symbols - it will adjust itself automatically on symbols change.

Equdistant channel - semi-automatic indicator is on this post. We can put multiple channels on chart, we can specify their colors and styles and we can place them anywhere we want.

trin look-a-like indicator is on this post. Usage is fairly simple : in the Symbols parameter enter the symbols you would like to use in calculation separated by ";" (there is no limit in the number of symbols you would like to use, but the greater the number of symbols, the more resources it will use). In the UseVolume choose if you want to use ticks (volumes) in calculation or not. Also, smoothing is added. On a small number of symbols trin is a "nervous" indicator and mild smoothing help in readability. To turn the smoothing off, set the SmoothLength to 1 or less than 1.


Goetzel cycles

(look at Goertzel algorithm page in wikipedia)

  1. Goertzel indicators and how to use them - the post
  2. Goertzel browser indicator - the post  
  3. Goertzel browser - end point indicator - the post 
  4. Goertzel browser 1 indicator - the post 
  5. Goertzel browser 2 indicator - the post  
  6. Goertzel browser - end point 2 indicator - the post 
  7. Fourier extrapolation of Goertzel indicator and Fourier extrapolation of Goertzel 2.1 indicator - the post 
  8. Goertzel browser 3 indicator - the post 
  9. Goertzel browser 3 mtf indicator - the post 
  10. Goertzel browser 3 mtf-1 indicator - the post: It is interpolated and MTF version of Goertzel browser.
  11. Goertzel cycle indicator - the post 
  12. Goertzel browser 4 indicator - the post: Goetzel cycles calculation is used in this indicators to identify currently existing cycles in signal and that is the list of cycles that the indicator is writing out. Indicator itself is combining those waves into a single wave (that is the "composite wave" that has been mentioned a couple of times) which is showing much more "readable" information.
  13. Goertzel browser 5 indicator - the post 
  14. Goertzel browser 5.2 indicator - the post 
  15. Goertzel browser 5.2.1 indicator - the post 
  16. Goertzel browser 5.53 indicator - the post: Added "PeakSpan" parameter which allows to have more than one bar colored around the peak.
  17. Goertzel browser 5.1_CS_Detrend&Smooth indicator - the post 
Composite Fractal Behavior and its aplications
Composite Fractal Behavior and its aplications
  • 2014.03.23
In describing the cfb I am going to cheat : since it was invented by Jurik, here is what he is saying about it : What is the Theory Behind CFB...
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

advanced links/threads/tools part #18

Cycle_GJH4-1 on oma indicator is on this post: added oma smoothing to it and made a rsx of oma filter, which made it with user controlled trend and trade levels.

HiLow arrow channel - Jurik smooth indicator is on this post and MTF interpolated is on this post. It is improved version of the original indicator: we can choose between arrows only, or arrows with Hilo lines, or just Hilo lines. Original indicator is on this post (elite section) and it is a variation of the Gunn hi low activator (or SSL channel) using smoothed prices (compared to the SSL channel seems to be giving much less false signals).

HiLow channel - Jurik smooth - mtf hist advanced indicator is on this post. Some good features were added: 'input for an alternate currency pair'; 'ability to invert the results'; and 'specify if the results are inverted'.

HiLow channel Jurik double smooth mtf indicator is on this post. Double smooth hi lo jurik mtf! This one seems a little faster..

Gann High-Low activator Djma Heiken Ashi arrows indicator is on this post. It is jurik double smooth mod on Gann hi/lo activator that was posted in regular elite section.

Heiken Ashi MA Jurik - MTF & Alerts indicator is on this post. It is good indicator with MTF, better formula feature, jurik smoothing using as false or true, interpolate options and alerts (on current bar, on closed bar, alert message, email alert and sound alert).

Heiken Ashi MA T3 new Alert histo indicator is on this post. The indicator is showing 2 histograms : the color of the body (upper) and the color of the wick (lower). Alerts are raised on the color of the body (the "main trend" sort of speaking).

iMax - histo indicator is on this post.

iDetrend indicator is on this post.

Price Percentage indicator is on this post. This indicator is a one that shows a price difference from a chosen average as percentage. Averages included in this one are the following (the Method parameter): 0 - simple moving average; 1 - exponential moving average; 2 - smoothed moving average; 3 - linear weighted moving average; 4 - linear regression value (this one has many other names : LSMA, end point moving average, time series forecast... and probably some more ); 5 - triangular moving average; 6 - sine weighted moving average; 7 - volume weighted moving average; 8 - median. So, this one shows just the simple percentage difference of the current price compared to the chosen average.

PAL: Indicator of Current Market Sentiment is on this thread with instruction, explanation and the ideas about how to use PalND indicators.

Elite section:

PalND_v1.53 indicator is on this post. It is the smoothing and mtf version of this Pips A Lot (PAL) indicator. Thanks to adeo to great idea and development.

PalND_v1.54 is on this post. It is the next version of this indicator with color changed feature.

PalND_v1.56 is on this post. This version adds a 'moderate' line as PAL Mod; it uses the Close instead of the H and L.

Repeated median line and Repeated median slope indicators are on this post. According to Dennis Meyers description of Repeated median calculation made 2 new indicators : Repeated median slope (which would correspond to Meyers' velocity indicator) and a Repeated median line. The Repeated median line can be treated as an alternative to Linear regression line (and Meyers is showing a comparison ...

Read more in advanced elite.

Repeated median line indicator is on this post. It is light version of this indicator.

Repeated median line - advanced indicator is on this post. This version is having with slope information on the chart.

Repeated median slope indicator is on this post.

Fibonacci Lucas time series - separate indicator is on this post. This TASC indicator was made by histogram in the bottom and/or bar at the main chart so it is fairly good visible. It is an intraday indicator and best to use on a short time frames (1 minute and 5 minute).

Dynamic Cycle Explorer 2 indicator is on this post. It is a standalone indicator.

Dynamic Cycle Explorer + indicator is on this post. This indicator has color changes and is displaying the number of bars since the slope direction has changed.

PA Dynamic Cycle Explorer indicator is on this post. It is Phase Accumulation version with 2 modes of working depending on the value of PeriodDivisor parameter.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Marney indicators.

Those indicators were discussed in Fx Trader Magazine in the month of July-September.

- Marney volume indicator is on this post. There is one deviation from Marneys original (code is completely different, but that is a consequence of different platforms) : in his code, in cases when a bar is missing from any reason it is used in the average as 0 (it is due to the way he treats arrays) and in mine the missing bars are simply skipped and previous bar that conforms to time search is used. That way the original idea of Caspar Marney is honored to the letter and the average is always an average of AveragePeriods. Just remember that current bar is never going to change (it is actually a "forecast" from past volumes - so it does not change at all while new data is coming in).

- Marney range indicator is on this post. This one works better with longer average period so we suggested to use default one proposed by Caspar Marney in his article - AveragePeriod 50.

- Marney range indicator - extended indicator and Marney volume indicator - extended indicator are on this post. While doing some things it occurred that there is no reason at all that prevents Marney indicators to "extend into the future" (since it is always "predicting" values based on past values). So here they are - extended 1 day to the future (only when time frame is less than daily though).

Klinger volume oscillator is on this post.

past regression deviated - optimized indicator is on this post, and past regression deviated - main indicator and past regression deviated - separate indicator are on this post.

past regression deviated - main with slope line indcator is on this post. Slope line added and removed the 2 outer regression lines.

mama indicator is on this post.

mama macd indicator is on this post. This is mesa adaptive moving average macd with signal line, its mtf with alerts on slope change and zero line cross.

Keltner channel - multiple indicator is on this post. "That is in fact a variation of Keltner channel. It had a lot of names ("atr channel", "Dynamic Price Channel", a "Dynamic Zone Price Channel" name but since you have access to it, you know that it really has nothing in common with it. Decided to call this one multiple Keltner channel since the original is by all means invented by Chester W. Keltner.

In the original Keltner channel the middle line is a simple moving average and the channel is at 1 average true range distance from the average. The variation is that some other moving average type can be used and that different multipliers can be used for 3 channels it is drawing up and down." Read more in advanced elite.

Homodyne discriminator indicator is on this post.

Dual differentiator indicator is on this post.

Phase accumulation indicators are on this post: Phase accumulation, Phase accumulation ema and Phase accumulation MACD. Ehlres uses default value 7 for filter (smoothing) but we set it to no smoothing (when filter is set to 1 or less there is no smoothing)) in order to make it clearer what exactly does the Phase accumulation do.

The more discussion is on this page.

Phase accumulation avgs sw indicator is on this post. Phase accumulation avgs. sw just the avgs. indicator controlled by phase accumulation.

Phase accumulation avgs sw-1 indicator is on this post. It is the fixed version of the previous indicator for Linear weighted ma.

P. A. BB Macd indicator and P. A. i-CAi_dsjma_alerts indicator are on this post.

ht jurik Bollinger indicator and pa jurik Bollinger indicator are on this post. These are double smoothed jurik bollinger bands with the standard deviation Length is controlled by either hilbert phase or hilbert transform.

mtf jurik stlm bands nrp indicator and pa nonlag bbmacd indicator are on this post. It is digital adaptation of stlm with non lag version of phase accumulation bbands.

phase accumulation wprsmooth_w_histo_ma indicator is on this post. What is phase accumulation? John Ehlers calls it as Phase accumulation: how many bars does it take to add up every bars phases and to reach certain cycle (Ehlers uses only 1 full cycle). For now - with WPR smooth, histo and so on.

pa wprsmooth+ma_w_histo_mtf+alerts indicator is on this post. Its the pa adaptive mtf wpr we can either use histogram or not, alerts and arrows are either on the slope or zero cross.

velocity pa adaptive - alerts & arrows indicator is on this post. It is very advanced indicator with alerts, arrows, inverted, for symbol and more.

PA adaptive composite rsi indicator is on this post. Phase accumulation is giving it at least a bit of edge over the "regular" version. With default parameters it is giving useful signals. It is avoiding some of the false signals of the "regular" versions and even with that very moderate 1 cycle it is not lagging at all when compared to the regular version.

PA adaptive Price Trender of averages indicator is on this post. This is phase accumulation adaptive price trender its also mtf.

pa adaptive T3 indicator is on this post. It is phase accumulation adapting T3 indicator. Default PA cycles of 0.75 resemble to a 14 period "regular" T3.

pa adaptive t3 for bars, histo and alerts is on this post. Upgraded the pa adaptive T3 - added alerts, so it is kind of a complete now, made a bars version and made a histogram version - all are multi time frame capable with alerts now.

pa FXCorrelator 3.1 USD indicator is on this post. This is much faster version of the phase accumulation adaptive version of FX correlator. Avoided the built in moving averages usage and it makes it acceptable as far as the speed is concerned.

VQ-Stridsman on jurik mtf+alerts indicator is on this post. It is Volatility Quality-Stridsman on jurik with mtf and alerts.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

advanced links/threads/tools part #20


Elliot oscillator - waves indicator is on this post. The idea was simple : to use Elliot oscillator, but the advanced get variation, for peaks identifying - we can choose how many peaks we want it to find (as every peak finding code, this will recalculate).

Elliot oscillator - waves 1.00 indicator is on this post. What has been done: no limit in waves (now it draws waves for the whole history), changed a logic a bit (it affects the way how extremes are found in some cases). Also, as a note: only the last leg of the wave can change if new high or new low is reached. Once it is "opened" it can not (and I repeat) it can not disappear (like in some zigzags or some peak finding indicators), it can only go higher or lower if the price moves in the right direction.

Elliot oscillator - waves 1.01 indicator is on this post. It is the Elliot oscillator - waves with alerts (it will alert at a moment when the oscillator value first crosses either of ema values - that is the moment when a colored bar appears for the first time).

Elliot oscillator - waves 1.02 indicator is on this post. It can have different color of the histogram (now only light blue) above/below zero.

Elliot oscillator - waves 1.02 & arrows indicator is on this post.

DiNapoli MACD - mtf & alerts indicator is on this post. "DiNapoli is using smoothing factors of 0.213, 0.108, and 0.199, which when translated to periods we are used to becomes 8.3896, 17.5185 and 9.0503. So here is this one that can work with fractional periods and is set by default to calculate DiNapoli MACD" - read more in advanced elite.

ema levels - macd indicator, ema levels - rsi indicator and ema levels - stochastic indicator are on this post. They actually have very little in common with levels in Elliot oscillator, but ... here is a couple of variations to the ema levels idea: ema levels - macd; ema levels - rsi; ema levels - stochastic.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

advanced links/threads/tools part #21

Simple Ichimoku Systems

Simple Ichimoku System for MT4 and MT5 with the following indicators

- for MT4:






Ichimoku (standard indicator in Metatrader).

- for MT5:

Absolute strength

Price channel

Trend strength

The thread is here (indicators and templates are on the first post to download.

Simple Ichimoku Scalping

It is some variation of the settings of the Simple Ichimoku System. The Ichimoku template was improved onto Simple Ichimoku Scalping. On this thread you can find this Simple Ichimoku Scalping for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5.

Simple Ichimoku System - rules for the systems

This thread with the detailed rules for Simple Ichimoku Scalping and Simple Ichimoku Systems.

Alternative_Ichimoku_cfb_mtf indicator is on this post. Alternate Ichimoku with look back controlled by cfb the external parameter SSK adds bars back to cfb calculations, also added mtf and alerts which goes off when histo's start to change color.

KIJUN_SOHO slope color indicator is on this post. It is Kijun-Sen slope indicator. Kijun-Sen slope indicator.

KIJUN_SOHO slope color 1.01 indicator is on this post. In this version we you can turn the "neutral" trend showing on or off.

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